Coach Speak: Brandon Thompson

If there is one thing that you can say about Brandon Thompson as an offensive lineman it might be that he is athletic. It can't be emphasized enough how important it is to be athletic as an offensive tackle at the elite levels of college football. Head Coach Mark Schmid from The Woodlands (Texas) says that the athleticism will help Thompson at the next level.

One of the out of state commitments to never waver through all of the transition in Lincoln was Brandon Thompson. Thompson, a standout offensive lineman from The Woodlands (Texas), is called the best offensive lineman ever from his high school by his head coach.

"Brandon was a dominant offensive lineman," Head Coach Mark Schmid said. "I hate to take away anything from any of our other players, but he probably is the best offensive lineman that we have had come through The Woodlands high school.

"Whenever you have a guy like that, you feel pretty good going into a ball game especially coming out and running the football. Brandon did a great job of blocking and pass-protecting. He is a security blanket with a guy like him up front."

What makes Brandon special is that you take a person with Brandon's size and then you add athleticism. You add speed and you add explosiveness. Coach Schmid said that Thompson's athleticism stands out the most about what Brandon brings to the table.

"First thing is that he is an athlete, not just a big kid. He'll run a 5.1 or a 5.0 40-yard dash. He's 6-foot-6. He can dunk a basketball. He's just an athlete in a big man's body. That stands out the most when I think of Brandon."

When Brandon gets to Lincoln one of the bigger hurdles that he will have to get over will be where he's at in the pecking order. It's a major adjustment to change from being the top guy to being on the bottom end of the totem pole playing the same game.

"The thing that Brandon is going to have to do is understand that as a high school football that he was head and shoulders above most people. When he gets to Nebraska he's going to be one of the boys.

"The last few years he has spent his time being the top-dog. When he gets to Nebraska he's going to have to start all over again. He's going to have to go through some mental adjustments, not the big fish in the pond, and he hasn't had to do that the last couple of years."

While questions never really surrounded Brandon and his commitment to Nebraska, it wasn't because he didn't have options come up. Once things happened at Nebraska other teams smelled the blood in the water and checked to make sure that Thompson was fine with his commitment to Nebraska.

"Throughout the whole process Brandon told me every time that I asked him that he committed to Nebraska and that's where I want to go. That was no matter what state of flux Nebraska might have been in.

"He was being bombarded by pressure from a lot of other schools. Just about everyone in the Big 12 was coming after him again. They backed off for a while, but once things happened with Coach Bill Callahan they all re-surfaced. He was dealing with that pressure.

"When Coach Tom Osborne came back on the scene I really think that he provided a tremendous about of stability and credibility with the Nebraska program again and everyone knew that everything was going to be O.K.

"I think that helped settle Brandon. I think that he was fine with his commitment to Nebraska, no matter who was going to be the head coach, but I really think that helped settle Brandon when Coach Osborne was back on the scene for Nebraska."

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