Top 13 DE with potential visit to Nebraska

If you have seen one thing which might be classified as an oddity, at least comparing it to the last three to four years, it's the amount of offers heading out east. It was mostly west where we saw offers go under the old regime. But with no fear and perhaps better connections, the Nebraska staff is heading out east with a vengeance. One of the prime targets is defensive end Sean Stanley.

Ranked as one of the top 13 defensive ends in the country, Sean Stanley doesn't have to worry about recruiting attention. He does, however, have to learn how to manage this ever-growing list of potential suitors. What he's been doing lately, is something which has become the trend in recruiting over the last few years, and that is to make as many unofficial visits as possible. "I'm trying to get out there and see them all. I want to get to see and get a feel for all the potential places," he said.

Stanley does have something fairly unique to his recruiting process, in that he's been offered by teams as close to home as Maryland to as far away as Stanford. But Stanley insists that distance won't play a big factor in his final decision. It may come down to climate. "I don't like the idea of going somewhere, where it's always cold. Here in Maryland over the last two years, I think we have had at most, three inches of snow," he said.

Husker fans might bristle at that, thinking about how cold the winters can be in the Husker state. But the season climate there isn't enough Stanley from thinking about the Huskers. He doesn't know much about the big red, but said that what he does know, he likes. "Well, I know they brought in a good coaching staff and it's a pretty big tradition," Stanley said. "I am hoping to get out there this spring or summer to check them out."

Along with the potential visit in the future, Stanley already visited Syracuse recently and has West Virginia this week and Duke on March 25th.

Of the attention he's getting, Stanley reporting that he had around 11 offers, he takes it all in stride instead of letting the pressure to commit get to him to the point where might pull the trigger for a school for all the wrong reasons. "It's just something that I am trying to sort through, because it's a lot of teams and you want to make sure you are looking at everyone closely," he said. "I know Penn State gets the most television around here, but Maryland is recruiting me the hardest. It's just stuff like that, which all goes into how much you know about a place."

When it comes to citing favorites, Stanley said he had none, recognizing how early the process is, despite how early the trend is for kids to commit to schools nowadays. But one thing the Maryland prep star does know is that what he brings to the table as a defensive end, he thinks will work, no matter where he goes. "My speed off the ball and my ability to rush the passer seem to give teams a hard time," Sean said, recalling the almost 40 tackles he had as a junior, which included a whopping 16.5 sacks. Stanley also added six forced fumbles along the way. "I'm quick enough that players really can't get squared up before I get around them."

You listen to Stanley talk football, you almost think you are hearing it from a coach, the high school senior-to-be taking a more logical approach to the game, rather than the emotional one you might equate to some of the better defensive players in the country. It obviously doesn't hurt his game, and when it comes to his pragmatic approach to football, Sean is equally logical. "It's an aggressive sport, but you still have to be smart and make sure you know what you are supposed to be doing out there," he said. "It's just about doing your job and helping your team win games."

Back to recruiting, though, Stanley doesn't think about impending choices, pressure to stay close or any of that kind of thing. He's thinking about taking some trips, soaking it all in and letting the future come to him. After all, it's only March, hardly more than a month removed from the signing day for the class of 2008. He figures he's got some time before he officially figures out where he'll be amongst those members of the one for 2009. "What's most important is making the right decision, not a quick one," Stanley said. "It's hard to know what will happen, but you don't want to make this decision twice. So, I'm going to be sure about it the first time around."

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