Another Williams from Denton Ryan?

Denton (Texas) Ryan is a powerhouse among North Texas high schools. Year in and year out, they are playoff contenders and division one player producers. Last year it was Josh Williams that had teams from the SEC and Big 12. This year, there is a taller defensive back that promises to have some of the same teams around the halls of Ryan High School.

At 6-foot-3 and 185-pounds, Yahshua Williams has that taller frame that college teams are looking for in cornerbacks. He also has the size to potentially grow into being a safety.

Williams, an all-district selection from Denton (Texas) Ryan as a junior, had a solid year last year playing primarily at the cornerback position. He also played some safety.

"I played mostly cornerback last year," Williams said. "I only played safety a couple of times in a couple games. There aren't any plans to move me to safety. Right now I am just at cornerback.

"I had one interception, eight passes broken up, about 42 tackles and one caused fumble. They don't give any team honors to under-classmen, but I did get first team all-district."

Williams has that tall frame at 6-foot-3 and at 185-pounds can play a physical game. What Williams also has is football instincts and that is what he says is his biggest strength on the football field.

"Being a cornerback, you have to have awareness and I think that is my biggest strength. You have to know and see what is going on. I think that I have a good build to play corner and play physical."

Williams isn't holding any offers yet, but that could come any day. He is picking up interest from schools in the Big 12, SEC, Mountain West and that PAC 10. Williams is looking mostly at staying in the Big 12 and a winning tradition in a school.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting a lot of interest from Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico, Washington and some few others. I have been getting a lot of mail from those schools."

"I would have to say mainly all of the teams in the Big 12. I am looking for tradition, a winning tradition. They know how to make it work and they have good coaches that way I don't have to worry about anything but just going out and winning games.

Beyond the Big 12 and a winning tradition, Williams would like to stay a little closer to home. "I would kind of like for my parents to be able to come and see me play in college. I would like to be closer to home. If it's a good offer I will take it no matter where it is."

Williams would like to hear more from at least one Big 12 school. The Cornhuskers is a team that has that winning tradition that Williams would like, but he hasn't gotten a lot of information from them.

"I have gotten some things from Nebraska and they are a good school. They have a strong background and a winning tradition. I haven't gotten a lot from them, not as much as I want, maybe a couple of little flyers, but nothing real personal to me."

Nebraska would have an ace in the hole with Yahshua. Josh Williams, a Nebraska commitment from 2008, is from Denton Ryan and has had a chance to briefly speak with Yahshua about what Nebraska has to offer.

"Josh has sat down and talked to me a little about Nebraska. Not real detailed. He just told me that there were some cool people up there and that they have some of the coolest coaches. He can't wait to get up there."

Williams will be competing with Denton Ryan this summer in the state seven on seven league. Williams is also looking to hit a Nike camp and do anything that he can do to improve his game. Williams is looking to hit a team camp that is close to where he lives.

"We do have seven on seven this summer. I have some stuff with Nike coming up. There are some more things coming around. I am going to try and much as possible that can help and affect my game.

"I am thinking that I might head down to SMU for their camp. I got a questionnaire from them and I think that they have a pretty good camp. I am just going to take it as it comes."

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