Pelini, Osborne address recent incidents

Following a series of events which have resulted in the arrest and/or citations of current and former Husker football players, head coach Bo Pelini and athletic director Tom Osborne issued the following statement today.

The following is an official release from the University of Nebraska:

In light of three reported incidents surrounding members of the Nebraska Football team this week, Head Coach Bo Pelini and Athletic Director Tom Osborne issued the following statements to the media. Each of the three incidents took place where alcohol was served.

Bo Pelini

"Every young man involved in an incident over the weekend is being dealt with on an individual basis. A few players have been indefinitely suspended from the team, while others have been disciplined internally.

"I talked with the entire team last night and clearly explained to them that from this point forward we will have a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and social responsibility. Our players understand the intent of this rule and what we are trying to accomplish. Therefore, any violation will be handled individually as it pertains to the specific circumstance.

"Our players also understand that certain establishments are off limits, and that the policy also pertains to their behavior in other social settings. I made it clear to them that our policy will be strictly enforced.

"Coach Osborne, myself, and our staff are all in agreement that the culture of this program will be one centered on respect, integrity and discipline. We all agree that culture must extend well beyond the football field."

Tom Osborne

"Alcohol abuse and binge drinking continues to be the number one problem affecting college students today. Educating our student-athletes regarding these issues is a priority for our athletic department. Last week we had a mandatory student-athlete meeting where alcohol abuse was the primary topic. We expect our student-athletes to go beyond the education process and to be good role models acting appropriately at all times. We do not take these recent violations of alcohol abuse lightly."

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