QBs galore in Husker recruiting

Nebraska hasn't wasted any time when it comes to showing that they want a quarterback in this class, maybe even two. While the final number of how many they take is in question, what's not is the growing number they've offered. Top 20 QB Ryan Mossakowski is one squarely in the crosshairs of the big red.

If there is one thing you can't pinpoint about the Husker recruiting this year, it's what kind of quarterback this staff wants to have for the future. On one end of the spectrum you have Kevin Newsome, a true dual-threat QB, who runs a reported 4.4/40. As a junior he threw for right around 1,200 yards, but also ran for approximately 500.

In Ryan Mossakowski, you have another top QB in the country, but going into this senior year he has just under 600 yards rushing for his career, but going into his last season as a prep, he's already amassed over 6,000 yards through the air.

Newsome is close to 6-3, Mossakowski is right around 6-5.

To say these two are different types of QBs is belaboring the obvious. But they also come from different offensive systems. Newsome's style of offense is set up to deliver on everything he can do, both with his arm and with his feet. But for Ryan, his has its own identity, perhaps as equally obvious when you look at his offensive numbers. "I'm a pass kind of guy. Out offense we run now is the "Run ‘n Shoot" where you sit back in the shotgun and pass, pretty much every single play," he said.

Nowadays that doesn't limit where he could go, more and more teams spreading defenses out, lining up strictly in the shotgun and airing it out like there is no tomorrow. The curious part about that comes from his current list of offers, which Ryan said stands at four.

In Kansas, you have very much a spread offense, current Jayhawk QB Todd Reesing proving to be a phenom of sorts, bucking the idea that you have to be tall in order to play QB in Division 1-A. And in Arizona , you have another example of a team which does like to spread the field and hurt opponents through the air. But then there is Auburn , who runs the "West Coast" as does Nebraska . And you could potentially see Texas A&M throw their hat in the ring under new head coach and definite supporter of the west coast style of play, former Green Bay Packer head coach Mike Sherman.

For some quarterbacks, who come out of such a different style of play and quite strict in how it's ran, that could create a dilemma of sorts. Not for Ryan, because he said it all comes down to a few things. "Football is football. When you are a quarterback, whatever the system, you have to be able to go through your progressions, be able to read a defense and have good footwork both inside and outside of the pocket," he said. "I don't want to sound cocky, but I think I do well at all of those and if you can execute, make good decisions and don't hurt your team, I don't care what the system is, you'll have a lot of success."

Honestly, the offers Ryan has received are a testament to just what he said, as you can easily say that if these various coaches, who run their own particular types of offenses, didn't think he could play, an offer wouldn't be sitting at home on a table right now. His versatility, both with the ability to deliver the ball, but do it effectively in a variety of situations, are what have him ranked as high as he is, currently.

Because of that early attention and the schools who have offered him, Ryan has already taken the recruiting process very seriously. The honeymoon is over, as they say, the luster of having offers gone, replaced with the idea that this could all get a lot crazier before it's said and done. With that said, Mossakowski has already taken a close look at the teams who are looking the closest at him, and he's figuring out what this so-called off-season will entail. "It's really important that I look really hard at these schools so that when my season starts, it's not like I am starting over," he said. "So, I have already set up a couple of days this Spring to go to Oklahoma (Apr. 5th) and Texas A&M (Mar. 19th), and I just talked to coach (Shawn) Watson at Nebraska, to see when was a good time to get up there. I will also go visit Auburn and probably Kansas , too."

The criteria of these schools for Ryan is similar to most kids as they deliberate which school is best for them. But Mossakowski already has a mini-check list of sorts. "First, it's the education I want to know about, because you just don't know what is going to happen with football and you need to have that education," he said. "Second, it's the relationships I build with the coaches, but the players, too. And third, it's the tradition of the program, what kind of success they have had and just the kind of following.

"You put that together with the hope that on these visits, you get that great vibe from the place and the people, that's really what I am hoping to see, and from all of them, if possible. I don't think you can have too many good places to choose from."

But not offense. He doesn't care about the offense. As long as they pass, he's good to go, because when he looks at the game, he doesn't concentrate on where the receivers are or how many are spread out wide at the beginning of every play or even where he lines up before each snap. It's about, the QB and just what QBs should do, and he feels that offense is all a state of mind. "They say the game is 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical, and it's those guys who have the best minds, who are able to compete and win at the highest levels," he said. "I like to think that I can be like those guys, because I study like mad and mentally, I think I am always prepared.

"That's what is going to mean more to me than the kind of offense they play, because I honestly think I can play in almost any of them. Now I just have to figure out where that's going to be."

Ryan said that he currently has no favorites, but hopes that after this furious off-season of investigation, he'll be able to narrow his list to a degree.

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