Nebraska contacting Sherman OL/DL

It happened a lot last year, where Nebraska would go into a school and offer more than one player from that team. This year, Nebraska has already done that at least three other pair of teammates this year so far. With Waymon James already holding an offer could this two-way lineman pick up a Nebraska offer making them the fourth pair of teammates to get a Nebraska offer?

Nebraska is looking to dip back into Texas again this year to fulfill part of their recruiting class. The Huskers have already offered Waymon James from Sherman (Texas), but Nebraska is also showing interest in 6-foot-4 and 280-pound lineman, Josh Higgins.

"I don't know what my stats were last year," Higgins said. "I ended up picking up honorable mention all-district honors. I missed two games, which we lost, to injury."

As an offensive lineman, Higgins has good size. He also has that ability to run and pass block equally well. Higgins has been playing offensive line at the varsity level going on three years.

"I am good with my feet. We run a spread and I think that I am good at both run-blocking and pass-blocking. I might like pass-blocking more, unless I get to pull and then I like to run-block.

"I have been playing right guard since my sophomore year, they have kind of brought me up in the system playing that position. I played some tackle and some center last year. I can play all the positions."

Higgins is a little new at playing defense, but he has taken to it like a fish to water. Higgins likes playing the defensive tackle position and causing chaos.

"I would say my power. I play the three-technique and I like to get up field a little more and rush the quarterback. I can stop the run and rush the quarterback."

Obviously Higgins is a little more comfortable playing offensive line, he has only played defensive line one year after all, and most teams like him on the offensive side of the ball. Some schools will give Higgins his option though.

"I would say play offense because I have played it longer. This year was my first year to play both-ways. I am more familiar with playing offense right now. All colleges are saying offensive line, but a couple has said I could play both."

Higgins is getting regular mail from a few schools. He is also getting some mail from some more prestigious institutions because academically Higgins is also as solid as he is athletically.

"I am getting a lot of information from Purdue and Oklahoma State. I am also getting some stuff from Nebraska. SMU is also interested. There are some Ivy League schools too, like Harvard, because of my grades."

While Higgins is picking up a lot of interest, he isn't holding any offers. He isn't even sure who might be closest to offering. "I don't have any offers yet. I don't know who I would say is close to offering."

For Higgins there will be a balance of finding the right school for the academics and the football team. "I would have to say who has the best education, definitely the coaching staff, and the team and how well the team plays together."

There is one team that Higgins is looking at the most right now, but there might be another area team that could sneak in there.

"The team that I am looking at the most right now is probably Oklahoma State. Things are coming together for them right now. Another that I think will be good in the future is SMU. They just got the new head coach."

Higgins is looking to take a couple to trips this summer for football camps. Higgins and his teammate are looking at heading to Stillwater potentially and were also receiving some interest from Texas.

"I am going to go to a couple of football camps. That's all I know about right now. I know that Waymon James and I both talked about going to Oklahoma State. We also picked up some things from Texas."

James picked up an offer from Nebraska a little over a week ago. The two have been talking about maybe taking a trip to see Lincoln later this summer. If that happens, Higgins is definitely interested in making the trip.

"He was telling me about his offer from Nebraska. He was talking about going up there to take a visit and wanted to see if I was interested in going up there to see if I liked it with him. I would really be interested in that."

Besides having a teammate that is being recruited by Nebraska, Higgins knows that Nebraska has a tradition of producing offensive lineman and having a good offense. He also has a friend that is a big Husker fan that keeps Higgins posted on everything about the Big Red.

"I know that they usually have a good offense and that their offense is usually pretty good. My friend is a huge Husker fan and tells me a lot of things about them. It's not too far away or anything. I am just looking for a school to show the most interest in me."

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