Huskers set to host LB

Nebraska too quite a few linebackers last year, but considering they were losing their top four linebackers there were spots to be filled. This year, the numbers won't be as large as what they were which means taking the right players for fewer positions. The Huskers have their eyes set on a WILL linebacker from Scranton (Pa.) and he has had his eyes set on Nebraska since he was little.

Things have really started to pick up recently for Shawn Bodtmann. Bodtmann, a linebacker/full back from Scranton (Pa.) West Scranton, 6-foot-0 and 205-pounds with 4.58/40 speed, said things started to roll after his first offer.

"These past three or four weeks I've been catching the attention of some recruiters," Bodtmann said. "Obviously Nebraska offered so things are starting to roll together nicely."

Bodtmann now knows, at least, that he is going to get his shot to play division one football. That dream is going to become a reality.

"It's been my dream for I don't know how long to go on and play football for a major university. Now that will be a reality for me and it just feels great."

The other reality of the situation for Bodtmann is where he got his first offer. Nebraska is a team that he and his family followed as he grew up and he admits that his father is a big fan.

"My dad has liked Nebraska since as long as I can remember, so I liked them too when I was young. We used to watch them all the time and now thinking that I can be part of that team is awesome."

Nebraska is one of those teams that does have a national appeal, especially to the tradition and the dominance that they had in the 1990s. There isn't anything else for Shawn to really say why he and his father followed Nebraska.

"Actually, I don't really know. I just know that was his favorite team. He's not from there or the Midwest. I am not really sure why he liked Nebraska."

Nebraska is looking to get back to that similar type of dominance and it has come across Bodtmann's mind about leading Nebraska back. That would be very special for him.

"I think that is a lot of people's dreams. To come into a program that is trying to get back on the right track and make a difference, be part of something special. I have that opportunity and that's great."

As a linebacker, Bodtmann has the physical and athletic tools that you need to play the position. What makes him special at the position goes beyond the measureables.

"My intelligence and my reads, I think, are two of the biggest reasons why I am being recruited to play linebacker. I play very smart, but I am also very tough and durable."

The Huskers are pegging Bodtmann to play outside linebacker and he has had a chance to talk to one of the Nebraska coaches about the position. It sounds like the needs of the positions suit his abilities nicely.

"Nebraska likes me as a WILL. Coach Mike Ekeler and I have talked about the schemes. The WILL linebacker needs to be tough and tackle, but also needs to be able to cover space.

"You have to have athletic ability to play that position and you also have to be able to hit. When I first started playing in high school, I was a strong safety, so I feel comfortable in space."

Bodtmann is aware that Nebraska head coach came from LSU where he just led the Tigers to a national title. The reputation of Bo Pelini as a defensive mastermind precedes him and Bodtmann likes the idea of the possibility of playing for him.

"Just knowing his reputation as a defensive mind and knowing that I am being recruited by him is an honor. I feel very special to have the possibility to play in his defense. It's a great opportunity."

The Huskers are getting an early visit from Bodtmann as he is planning on visiting Lincoln for the spring game on April 19th. "Yeah, I am going to go to the spring game. It sounds like a great experience."

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