VIDEO: Schulte adapting game

In high school, there wasn't anyone as large as Aaron Schulte was that was on the same field as he at any given time. At almost 6-foot-7 and over 300-pounds, Schulte could just lean on players and win one on one battles. In college, Schulte has had to change the way he approaches the game and his opponents. As you will see here on, Schulte has developed good technique.

It's safe to say that there wasn't anyone on the field with Aaron Schulte during Norfolk (Nebr.) Catholic's games. Making the jump to the junior college level was another story.

Schulte saw not only an increase in the defenders' size, but in athleticism at the junior college level. He was going to have to learn how to move his feet and develop some technique to help him stop quicker defensive ends.

The Huskers placed Aaron Schulte at Wahpeton (N.D.) North Dakota State after failing to academically qualify out of high school. Schulte will be ready to go next year and has taken a giant step forward in his time at North Dakota State to being able to play at the division one level.

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