Nebraska latest offer for mammoth OT

Nebraska has always wanted to stay on top of areas in about a 300 mile radius of Lincoln and this OT is just down I80 about 200 miles. This offensive tackle just picked up the offer from Nebraska this week, but it sat in the school's office all of last week while he was on spring break. Where has this offensive tackle already visited and will the Huskers get a summer visit?

A fast-rising offensive tackle is David Barrent from Des Moines (Iowa) Valley High School. The 6-foot-7 and 285-pound Barrent says that things are going good for him and the recruiting process right now.

"It's going good," Barrent said. "I am up to seven offers right now and everything is just kind of coming up and a lot of schools are interested."

Those seven offers are from some of the top teams of two major conferences. He picked up his first offer way back in February and actually picked up his most recent offer this past Monday. Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Illinois and Michigan State. My first offer was from Illinois. I got that in early February. The last school to offer was Nebraska.

"I got the offer from Nebraska on Monday, but it was in the school office. It must have come to the school when we were out on spring break last week. I also got Michigan State recently when I went up there. Minnesota was before that."

At 6-foot-7 and 285-pounds, Barrent has the size that you want in your offensive tackles. He can also move and works very hard on staying mobile and getting stronger. All of those things are his top strengths when it comes to playing the offensive tackle position.

"I would say my height gives me an advantage as an offensive tackle. My quickness also gives me an advantage. I really try and work on my speed. It's stuff like that I want to be good at. I work hard on my strength."

Valley High School runs the ball a lot more than they pass it so naturally Barrent is comfortable run-blocking. There are times though when they do look to pass the ball and Barrent said that he is equally comfortable run and pass-blocking when he needs to.

"We run more of a pro-I. We do go a little shotgun, but we run the ball a lot. We run the ball about 80% of the time. I am comfortable run-blocking and pass-blocking. Both are fine with me."

With seven offers and a lot of interest from other schools, Barrent has already given it a lot of thought about what he is looking for in a school. Really, it's going to come down to three key things for him when it comes to making his decision.

"I am really going to take into consideration academics. I am looking at going into mechanical engineering so I want to see the academics that they have. I am also looking to see if I get along with the coaching staff. I want to like them, their scheme and how they are teaching the players.

"I also want to get along with the players. I want to see myself getting along with all of the players and really fitting into their social group. Those are the three things that I am really looking at in a school."

Barrent has already had a chance to take some trips. The trips pick back up again this weekend as he will return to two campuses that he has already had a chance to see before.

"I was in Illinois two Fridays ago and I am going again this Saturday for a junior day. I went to Michigan State two Sundays ago, that's when I got my offer. I went to Iowa's junior day in late January. I went back to Iowa on Valentine's Day for a basketball game and to see their academics."

"I have junior day this Saturday in Illinois and another in Iowa on Sunday that I am going to. I am quite sure what else the schedule looks like. I think that we are going to go to Michigan State for a spring practice. I might go to a couple spring practices to see what's going on."

The Huskers have extended an invite to Barrent to attend their spring game. The spring game at Nebraska has become a little bit of a phenomenon with the possibility of selling out and packing in close to 80,000 fans to really see a glorified scrimmage.

While Barrent has received that opportunity from Nebraska, he really isn't that sure if he will be taking them up on the offer. With just getting the offer on Monday, Barrent hasn't had a chance to gauge his interest in Nebraska a lot, but he is familiar with the offensive line coach.

"I got an invite to the spring game at Nebraska, but as of right now I am just keeping all of my options open. I am not sure what my plans are. There are a lot of spring practices and games to look at attending and I just need to sort through it.

"I haven't really thought about it too much. I know that Nebraska has always been historically good. I have had some experience with their offensive line coach before, but really I haven't put enough thought into it yet because it just came in. I couldn't tell you what my interest level is. I need to go explore all opportunities."

Besides the upcoming trips for junior days, Barrent does have some plans to make it to some camps later on this year. There are three camps that he knows about right now that he will be attending.

"Right now I am set to go and attend Football University. That is sometime in June, mid-June. In mid-June I am going to Iowa's Senior Day Camp. That weekend, our team is going to the Iowa State team camp. That is all that I am doing for camps as of right now."

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