Tuesday Practice Report

Whether NU players will admit it or not, practices this early in the week. One, to prepare for their up-coming game with Kansas and two, trying to shake off the disappointing loss to the Texas Longhorns. Today was just another day in trying to do just that.

Following a media day, questions usually range few and far between for coach Solich and typical to Tuesday practices, differences again, are sparse in their changes, at least so far as the coaches will elude.

Today wasn't any different. "It was just a regular Tuesday practice, full padded." Solich stated. "We went through ones against one work. Even though we are this far along in the season, we feel it's important to work speed against speed at different points in the week."

"That's something I think has been productive for us."

On the injury front, Lannie Hopkins was out in pads and running around, but coach Solich stated that he was as of yet, not cleared for full contact.

Chris Kelsay was nowhere to be found today on the practice field and coach Solich stated that there would be no official comment about Kelsay's status other than that he is "day to day".

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