Husker offer surprises WR

It's time for the season to start. You are preparing. It's then that a school that you haven't heard of has a letter of theirs passed to you by your coach. You open it and find it's a full-ride offer. It's a bit out of left-field, but Keenan Davis says that the passing attack at Nebraska has him curious about how he might fit in at Lincoln.

Every four or five years, there is a wide receiver that comes out of the state of Iowa that is a big-time national recruit. Not long ago it was Adrian Arrington who just so happens to hail from the same high school as this year's big-time receiver.

Keenan Davis, from Cedar Rapids (Iowa) George Washington, is a 6-foot-3 and 190-pound receiver that has caught the attention of a lot of schools in the nation and he is receiving letters, daily, from a lot of them.

"It's alright," Davis said. "I am getting a lot of letters (daily) from a whole lot of colleges. My coach brings in a handful of letters everyday. I just read them when I can."

The process tends to wear recruits down, but it isn't for Davis right now. It's exciting to get the letters every day and see who is writing him and what they happen to be telling him. The attention will get to be too much, but not right now.

"It's exciting right now and it will get overwhelming, I know that it will. It's the same everyday right now. It isn't too much right now."

The attention is deserved for Davis who had 81 receptions for 1,160 yards and 12 scores as a junior. As a sophomore Davis had 43 receptions for 783 yards and 8 more scores.

It's with production like that over the past two years to go along with the Davis' physical skills as a receiver that has yielded him offers from some of the best teams in the nation.

"I have seven offers right now. They are from Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma."

When Davis gets closer to trimming his list or even making a decision there will be some key things that he is going to look at. It will be a combination of things for Davis in his decision.

"I am looking for good academics, the type of offense that a team runs, the relationship with the coaches and distance is a bit of a factor. My mom wants me to stay close."

As a receiver, Davis thinks that he can out-work his opponents. Anywhere on the field in any situation, Davis is a threat to make a play. His coach likes Davis as a receiver for that very reason.

"I think that it's just my competitiveness. I go after everything and I also work very hard. Just put up the ball. I can do a combination of things. The coach says that he likes me so much me because of my versatility."

Davis has very few, set plans right now for junior days, spring games, camps and combines. His first trip will be this weekend to a junior day. Beyond that, he would like to make a lot of spring games to the schools that have offered him.

"I only have one trip scheduled right now. I know that I am going to go to a couple of spring games. I am going to Iowa this weekend for junior day. Nothing really else is scheduled.

"I want to go and see Kansas, I know that I am going to Iowa's, want to go to Illinois and Wisconsin too for their spring games. I would like to make it to everyone's. It will be tough to do though."

The offer from Nebraska caught Davis off-guard because of the timing and the lack of communication leading up to the offer. The passing style of offense that Nebraska runs has Davis curious to see how Nebraska bounces back this season.

"Nebraska kind of surprised me. They were the second to offer me and it was right before my first game. I hadn't talked to any of their coaches and I know they didn't have a great year last year, but I know that they have a passing offense and I am really curious about them."

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