Colorado OT sees himself in passing offense

Nebraska is one of many teams to target Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek offensive tackle, Jeremiah Sirles. Sirles, a 6-foot-8 and 270-pound offensive tackle has the frame the college coaches desire when it comes to developing their offensive lineman. Sirles also has a knack for being a good pass-blocker and that is also helping getting his name out there with division one teams.

Jeremiah Sirles, 6-foot-8 and 270-pounds, from Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek is massive. He is working out getting ready for some summer conditioning, but there isn't spring football in Colorado.

"No, we don't have spring practices," Sirles said. "We will just be able to go lift weights and run while the college coaches come out and do their evaluation."

Sirles isn't suffering from a lack of people knowing who he is. He is almost sitting on double-digit offers with teams having offered from the Big 12, Big 10, PAC 10, WAC, Mountain West and the SEC conferences.

"I am up to nine offers right now. I have offers from Colorado, Colorado State, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Louisville, Northwestern, Kansas State, Arizona State and New Mexico State."

Sirles has the size that you want in an offensive lineman, but he might have an advantage over some other lineman nationally. Sirles and his team run a spread offense so naturally he has had a chance to work on his pass-blocking. Enough to say that it might be his biggest strength.

"I would say my pass-blocking. Our quarterback threw for over 3,300 yards this year. We pass all the time. My reach helps me out. I am a pretty big guy and my upper-body punch is one of the better in the state.

"I am just really good at getting a chance to block out and getting a hold of someone. They don't really go anywhere. We run the spread. It's Texas Tech's offense."

This summer, Sirles is going to work on his feet and strength to go along with that enormous frame. There are always big frame guys, nationally, but athleticism is sometimes that one thing that sets you apart from the others.

"Just speed. It will be a lot of speed and strength. That is what every football player needs. I want to be pretty quick and at the same time I want to be big. At the same time, I don't want to be so big that people can just run around me."

There is one spring plan for Sirles, but there is a summer tour that is still in the works. If the tour goes the way that he has planned, he might be able to see over half of the teams that have offered him up to this point.

"My dad and I are going to head down to the Texas Tech spring game on April 19. We might run up to see Colorado in some spring practices. We are going up to Chicago for my aunt's wedding and we will stop off at Northwestern.

"From Chicago we thought about swinging down and going to Louisville and then drive back through Kansas State on our way back. We might turn this little road trip into a tour of a lot of college campuses, but that isn't for sure yet."

Nebraska is a team that might be on the way from Colorado to Chicago. If Sirles and his family drives to Chicago, the Huskers might be able to get a visit from Sirles, but if flying to Chicago is in the future then visiting Nebraska is something that might have to wait.

"They are a team that I am considering. We are very undecided if we are going to fly out to Chicago and drive back or if we are going to drive out there and drive back. If we drive out, we are going to stop by Nebraska too."

With the visit plans in limbo, the Huskers are a team that Sirles is definitely interested in. He knows about Nebraska's new head coach, where he came from and what he did while he was there. He is also interested in seeing how the offense performs this year.

"I am definitely real interested to see how they are going to do this next year with Bo Pelini up there. I saw what he did in that LSU game and that was pretty dang good. I am really interested to see what they are going to be all about.

"Coach Ted Gilmore is the coach that is recruiting me from Nebraska. We send emails to each other, probably a couple of emails every couple of weeks or so."

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