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Nebraska did a great job last year getting back in with the recruits in the state of Nebraska and the coaches from around the state. Omaha (Nebr.) Burke will be loaded this year and one of their top players is Eric Cummings. Cummings, a 6-foot-2 and 255-pound defensive end that projects inside to defensive tackle, says that Nebraska has a lead due in large part to the new coaches in Lincoln.

Eric Cummings could be the type of defensive tackle recruit that Nebraska would love to bring in. A little under-sized, but athletic. Time in the system in Lincoln could pay huge dividends.

Cummings actually doesn't play inside defensive line at Omaha (Nebr.) Burke. In fact, he is outside and played as a defensive end. At 6-foot-2 and 255-pounds, he is plenty big enough to cause some problems in Class A ball in Nebraska.

"I play defensive end at Burke," Cummings said. "But I am hearing defensive tackle as I am getting recruited."

"I had 78 tackles, all together, and then I ended up with 21 tackles for loss and seven sacks. I was an all-district selection as a defensive end."

As a defensive end, Cummings is effective in both rushing the quarterback and stopping the run, as his stats would indicate. However, Cummings says that he likes one more than the other.

"I have very good quick feet. While I can do both, I like to stop the run, but I can rush the quarterback."

It's for that reason that like to stop the run that along with his size and speed, have most schools thinking interior, defensive line. In particular, as a defensive tackle.

"I think that schools are kind of envisioning me as a three technique or at defensive tackle. I would be a little more active inside and make plays."

While Cummings is an intriguing defensive line recruit, he has yet to pick up any offers. A lot of schools have been giving Cummings attention all the way from the top schools in the nation for athletics to the top schools in the nation for academics.

"I haven't picked up any offers yet. I am hearing from Nebraska, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa, Iowa State, USC sent me a letter asking for film and some Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton."

When Cummings thinks about the schools he is considering, he is looking at defenses. Cummings would like to play in a very similar scheme in college to what he plays in high school.

"I am trying to find something like the defense we run at Burke. I love our school's defense and Nebraska is the school that I would say is closest to our defense. Their defensive tackles play similar to ours.

"I really like being active along the defensive front. At Burke, we always have responsibilities on every play, but we are still able to go out and make plays out of those responsibilities."

Cummings is headed to Lincoln for the spring game in a couple of weeks. After that there will be one combine and at least three camps that he knows of.

"I am going to the Nebraska spring game. I am planning to go to Ohio State for the Nike combine on May 29th. I am going to the Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa camps."

There is a lot for recruits considering Nebraska, and especially from the state of Nebraska, to think about when it comes to considering the Huskers. There is the return of Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini to Lincoln and that has Cummings very excited about the possibilities.

"It's exciting. I got to talk to Bo Pelini at Junior Day in Lincoln. I love his schemes and I love how he inspires the team; really everything about him as a coach."

Another thing that Cummings likes about Bo Pelini is his brother, Carl. Carl Pelini, Cummings potential position coach in Lincoln, has Cummings thinking long and hard about the opportunity to be a Husker.

"I got to talk to my position coach, Carl Pelini. I loved Carl Pelini. He (Carl) is really the reason why I am leaning towards to Nebraska if they do offer me."

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