A JUCO Sacking Machine

The attraction of the JUCO ranks is pretty simple. Players that are ready to play. Sure, there's always a story with each JUCO athlete, but when you tear down all the extras, you end up with players that are ready and expected to contribute right away. Some consider them a stop-gap measure, but there's no question that if these kids are good, their value is immeasurable. Out of the JUCO capital of the world, Kansas, comes just one of many that will be playing on Saturdays soon.

Butler, Garden City, Coffeyville, Dodge City and Independence. Kansas is absolutely, positively the elite of JUCO schools. One year after another, you don't have to look very far or wonder very much about who will be in the title game. It's usually here. They've got the best teams, they have the best coaching and yes, they have the best concentration of JUCO talent around. If you are a major division 1-A school and are looking for some immediate help, this is the place to go.

Out of the condensed talent throughout Kansas, there are a few that stand out. One of those is RE/OLB, Wali Muhammad. A blitzing machine, Muhammad has a conference leading 21 sacks making him enemy number one for opposing quarterbacks. "I bring the heat always." Muhammad. "I got the tapes to prove that. I like putting a little fear into the quarterback's eyes."

In addition to Wali's impressive sack number, he's got 90+ tackles. There's little doubt as to Wali Muhammad's strengths.

With Muhammad's prolific nature at getting to the QB, you can imagine that some schools looking for that much-needed pass rusher are taking a hard look. You would be right. Wali said that amongst the offers he has Nebraska, Indiana and Temple.

As far as official visits, Wali has Temple and Colorado State this month and Indiana and Nebraska next month.

There is one team that Wali did say that if they offered though, he would be a commit in a heartbeat. "Ohio State." Muhammad stated. "If they offer, I am gone, but if they don't, I wouldn't mind going someplace that plays them so I can show them what they missed."

Needless to say, Wali is not for the lack of enthusiasm or in his case, angst for the other guy. Whoever that other guy is, to Muhammad, it's simply another target to hit. For some, it's called tenacity, for others, it's simply aggression, but for Wali Muhammad, it's simply a way of being. "It's balls out all the time. You got to let them know you are there, so they lose focus on what they are doing. That's when you know you got them."

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