Coaching change will have an effect

When you are a high school player and you have been recruited by a college team, you have gotten a chance to develop a relationship with the coach or coaches recruiting you. Well, when all of a sudden, those coaches are gone as is the case with Michigan State, that could have a profound effect. How much of an effect? Check out the update to see.

Marcus Woods - (Farmington Hills, MI (Harrison HS))-(RB-5'8-180-4.4/40) Marcus's top three may have taken perhaps one of the oddest turns of anyone's this year. With two of his top three schools being Michigan St and Bowling Green, the rumors have been flying. "Yeah, I've heard the rumors about Coach Meyers going to MSU and that would be great. I don't think things could work out better for me if that happened. But, either way whoever ends up coaching there will it effect my interest in MSU."

But, Marcus is counting on nothing right now "The coaches from MSU have been asked to keep recruiting until a new staff is in place. I don't know what's going to happen, I'm like everyone else. I'm waiting to see."

Does this favor anyone right now? "No, right now there is so much uncertainty all three teams (Nebraska, MSU, Bowling Green) are all equal."

Marcus has already taken an official to Nebraska and has one scheduled to Michigan St on the Dec 13th, no others have been scheduled. But having only two schools on his list doesn't mean a decision will come soon "I don't want to pass anything up, it's going to come down to the end probably."

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