Compton sees Lincoln this weekend

Undoubtedly, one of the largest catches in the short tenure of Bo Pelini and Mike Ekeler was Will Compton. The Nebraska commitment was only a commitment on paper. In reality, the Huskers might have slipped to second or third on his list until the new Nebraska coaches started to recruit him. With some time on his hands, Compton headed to Lincoln this weekend.

Future Husker, Will Compton, left Friday morning for Lincoln. The anticipated recruit from the 2008 class was only in town for a short while and seemed to cover a lot of bases in two days.

"We got back from Lincoln this morning about 9:30 or so," Compton said. "The trip was great. I got done what I needed to get done.

"Basically I wanted to just get up there, chill out, have a good time, meet some more players and talk to the coaches. Coach Mike Ekeler and I were going to go over some things."

Compton wanted to spend some additional time with his position coach to see if there was anything that he could do to better prepare for the summer and the upcoming season.

"I just had some questions about some football things and he wanted to show me some things to help get me ready for when I get up there. We just talked about football in general."

Besides talking to the position coach, Compton was able to attend the practice on Friday and the scrimmage on Saturday. Both of the practices fired up Compton and made him want to get out there.

"I saw practice on Friday and the scrimmage on Saturday. I thought it was awesome to attend. Everyone was just so intense about everything.

"Friday didn't go too well, from the coaches' perspective, and I know that they were pleased though from the effort perspective.

"On Saturday, everything was crisp and they were really happy with their progress. I loved it. Just watching the practice and wanting to get out there."

On paper and theory has been the only way for the Nebraska coaches to talk about how Compton will be used in the system. With two practices to understand, Compton says that he wasn't duped and this will be a successful merger for both Nebraska and him.

"I think it's a perfect fit. I am not too confident about and at the same time I am not really worried about competing with them. Phillip Dillard does a great job of going out there and being physical, he's really fun to watch.

"I mean, I just can't wait to play and compete. They are becoming a team; there are no individuals that I saw. Everyone works together."

There were also the players that Compton wanted to get in and speak with. There is always the one that he goes to talk to first, but he was able to talk with some of the recruits that will be coming in with him, some of the other linebackers and two future roommates.

"I got to talk with Blake Lawrence, number one, he's always the guy that I go and chill out with the most. From the offensive players, Kody Spano, who is going to be my roommate, Collins Okafor, Sean Fisher, Baker Steinkuhler, Patrick Witt and I also met with some linebackers like LaTravis Washington, Phillip Dillard and Cody Glenn."

Spano will be Compton's roommate in the fall. Before then, in the summer, Compton will be living off-campus with another quarterback that he met and spoke with this weekend.

"I will be living in the fall with Kody on campus. In the summer I am trying to get something going off-campus with Patrick Witt. I really liked talking to him this past weekend."

Spano and Compton met on an official visit weekend in January. Spano was actually in Lincoln one weekend and moving up the next. Compton has got to see all sides of Spano who he now says has adjusted and loves Lincoln.

"He likes it. He is having a lot of fun. He was a little uptight the first time I talked to him because he had just moved up there. But now, he just likes everything a lot. He gets a long with all of the players really well."

The trip for Compton wasn't all good. There was another reason to get up there to Lincoln and see some of the medical staff. Compton has been dealing with a shoulder injury and Nebraska wanted to understand how bad the injury was.

"I am going to need to get surgery. The trainer looked at it and then they had a doctor look at it on Friday and then another doctor on Saturday. This was a big reason why I went up there, Coach Bo Pelini and I had talked about the shoulder a lot and they wanted to get it looked at.

"They wanted to know where I stood on the whole thing, but I have been playing with this for a while now and just didn't know it. So, we had a meeting with me and my family, the trainer and the coaches.

"Since I have had this for a while and played with it we are going to put it off until January. I am going through physical rehabilitation right now, but the trainer wasn't sure where I was at on it, all he knew is that when I get up there that he will take over and get a little more aggressive with it to have me ready."

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