Kettle beginning to boil?

It isn't very often when arguably the top linebacker in the state of Texas doesn't have an offer from Texas. Not only does this linebacker not have an offer from Texas, but he hasn't heard from Texas. So explain offers from USC, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, but no attention from Texas? It can't be, but he isn't so caught up on that one offer and is waiting on picking up others.

Although he's not on the tips of tongues yet, he will be. Tom Wort, a 6-foot-1 and 210-pounds with 4.45 speed, made as many tackles himself as some teams did.

"I think that I had 210 or 213 total tackles last year," Wort said. "I had three interceptions, one returned for touchdown, four sacks and 15 tackles for loss of yardage last season."

Those plays were made from his MIKE spot, but Wort is probably better suited playing WILL in college. He thinks that his speed would be best utilized from the outside linebacker position.

"Last year, I played as an inside guy for New Braunfels. I am hearing more from colleges that they like me as an outside linebacker.

"I definitely think that playing the outside linebacker spot is where I could perform my best at. I feel like I am a more of a sideline to sideline linebacker. I can come downhill and do some stuff too, but I think that my speed helps me more at WILL as opposed to MIKE."

Wort's list of offers, and quantity, are a tell-tale sign that things will change for him. He has offers from some of the very best, but the number total is sure to rise.

"I have eight or nine offers. They are from USC, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Maryland, Missouri and Vanderbilt. I am really looking for a system where my style of play fits well.

"I am also looking for a school where the coaches are someone that I would respond best to. Also, I just want to have a good feel for a college. Distance isn't a big factor. I am not tied down anywhere."

If you talk to Wort, and know where New Braunfels (Texas) is, you realize that he doesn't have the Texas accent. Not even close. There is a story for that one too.

"I am from England, originally. Both of my parents are English. I was born there and lived there until I was 13. My dad's job caused us to move to America originally to Rhode Island."

Wort has been on a couple of trips already this spring and has another coming up this week. Those three schools, as he looks at things, have to be his favorites because of seeing them and their communication with him.

"The three schools that are within driving distance; LSU, Oklahoma and Texas A&M; I am getting an early look at. I have been to see LSU and Oklahoma and I will see Texas A&M this week.

"Just because I have been up to see those three schools, and I have had the most contact with those schools, I would have to say that those three schools are probably my top three right now."

Besides those top three, Wort would like to get out and see some other schools. There are two schools that he would like to see at the moment, but there are no set plans.

"I would like to go see USC and Florida this summer. Those are two schools that I would definitely like to see. I haven't made any plans at the moment, but I would like to see them this summer."

With no set plans to see anymore schools, the same can be said about camps and combines. He will be in College Station this weekend and will make more plans after that.

"I am not sure on camps and combines. I am going to go to A&M this weekend and then make plans from there."

Wort is just south of Austin so it's not unreasonable to think that Texas has taken notice of this playmaker of a linebacker. It's not unreasonable, but it's true.

"Texas hasn't actually talked to me at all. It would be cool if they showed some interest. I have been to one of their games and I have driven by their stadium many times. It's just a cool school. It would be a neat deal, but if they already filled up or don't have any interest that's fine."

In fact, there are very few schools from the Big 12 outside of the schools that have offered Wort that are showing him a lot of interest. He is getting some interest though.

"Besides Missouri, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, I am getting interest from Iowa State and a little bit from Baylor. I am also getting some letters from Texas Tech."

One school that you should see their interest rise in Wort is Nebraska. Wort saw LSU play on TV some last year and feels like he would be a good fit with Bo Pelini and Mike Ekeler working with the linebackers now in Lincoln.

"I haven't gotten anything from Nebraska. I think that I would fit in real well into what they want to do at Nebraska defensively. That is definitely the style of system that I am looking for."

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