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Nebraska is looking for help to add depth and develop in their offensive line scheme. The Huskers were 9th in total offense and will likely produce a first round pick in Carl Nicks this year. So it's no wonder that this North Texas product is looking at Nebraska because of their tradition to produce offensive lineman. He will be in Lincoln for the spring game as well.

Spring practices are getting ready to kick off for some high schools, but for Nick Ash and Keller (Texas) they still have some time to wait. They won't start until after the state testing.

"We start spring practice May 5th," Ash said. "We have our TAKS testing the last week of April, so we start practices late."

Keller, as a program, showed improvement last year by a win and also making it to state. "We did than the previous two years. Both years we went 3-7. This last year we went 4-7 and made it to the first round of the playoffs where we lost 28-25."

Ash has been key in Keller becoming a better program by anchoring Keller's offensive line. At Keller he plays on the inside, but he is being looked at to play outside and inside by the colleges looking at him.

"I was an honorable mention offensive guard all-district selection in 5-5A. Most teams are talking about me playing offensive tackle, but there are some teams that are saying that they like me as an interior guy."

When it comes to Ash on the field, he constantly remembers his coaching when he is playing. His coaching reminds him to keep that motor high and also reminds him about proper technique.

"Both of my offensive line coaches have drilled into my head to finish every play, go until the whistle blows. They also remind me about pad level.

"I just try and do what they tell me to do over and over again on every play. It all just works out for me then on the field."

Keller runs a spread-type offense, but mixes in some power run plays as well. It's that mix that helps Ash feel comfortable at doing either run-blocking or pass-blocking.

"We run mostly a spread, but do some power plays as well. It's about 60/40 pass to run ratio. I feel good about run blocking or pass blocking. We do both out of the three-point stance."

Recruiting is picking up for Ash and he is out seeing as many teams as he can. His father's job allows him to travel a little easier than most. He will actually be on the road next weekend seeing one of the schools that recently sent him an offer.

"I am up to three offers right now. They are from Houston, TCU and Nebraska. I have been talking to Arizona and I have been up to Penn State, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

"I am also going to Nebraska on the 19th for their spring. My dad works for American Airlines and we are going to get out and see some schools. I want to see the school and get to know the program."

Ash is hundreds of miles away from Lincoln, but still knows about the rich tradition at Nebraska when it comes to producing NFL offensive lineman.

"Over the years they have always put out good offensive lineman. Ever since I was a kid I have just know about them producing offensive lineman and their tradition in Lincoln."

When Ash makes his decision, he wants to find a place that allows him to develop in the program for a year or so and then be able to push for playing time. The development time to him will be key in his decision.

"I don't really care about red-shirting, I would actually prefer it. I would like to learn the system, some technique and put on some weight, some muscle before playing. Beyond that, I want a good chance to be able to compete early in my career."

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