Thursday Practice Report

Today was the last practice before the homecoming game against Kansas. This week could be considered like a few others, in that it followed a loss, but this loss was different in many ways.

The first two-losses that Nebraska experienced might have simply resulted in shock. The third loss, the game at Oklahoma State, well that was probably more than a little embarrassing. The last loss though, it was a loss though bitter to the taste buds, at least left Nebraska players and fans alike with a sense of things getting a little bit better. "I think we have improved as a football team." coach Solich stated. "And, they know it and I think they can feel it."

"They are playing with confidence, I don't think there's a question about that, but the bottom line is, they have to continue to continue to come out, play well and that's what they are trying to do."

The after effects of the Texas game were evident, but as coach Solich stated, they were quickly dismissed. "Immediately after the game and the next morning when guys were coming up for treatment, it had an effect on them, there's no doubt about that. But, in this business, you cannot let that stay with you. You have to move on."

It would seem that it just what they have and come this weekend versus Kansas, you should see more of the attitude that the team has exhibited all year. "They have got a lot of enthusiasm." Solich stated. "They are excited about playing again, they want to play well and their attitude has shown that."

There were no injuries to report and both Kelsay and Hopkins were out for practice today. Chris Kelsay's status for the game though is still "day to day".

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