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The Huskers are looking to diversify. You have skill sets on your football team. At a position, like quarterback, you have the strong armed, pocket passer. You might have a bit more mobile quarterback that maybe lacks some arm strength. Then, what you look for is another quarterback that gives you that strong mobility piece. Nathan Scheelhaase could do that for Nebraska

One of the players that will be in Lincoln this weekend, that is holding an offer, is Nathan Scheelhaase. Scheelhaase, a 6-foot-2 and 190-pound quarterback from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst, will make his third trip to Nebraska this weekend.

"I will be in Lincoln this weekend," Scheelhaase said. "I was up there this past summer as well for a three day camp. I think that it was a three day session. I was also up there for the USC game."

Making that third trip for a player mostly means taking in an event. With Nebraska, circumstances have completely changed since the prior two trips for Scheelhaase. He has to completely evaluate the "new" Nebraska and its staff.

"Definitely it's seeing the changes in the program and getting to meet the new coaching staff. The coaches that were recruiting me are gone and I need to get a feel for the new guys. I have been hearing good things about what they have been doing.

"I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they have been doing differently and how they have progressed. I also want to get an idea for how the players like the new coaching staff and I hope to get an idea about that this weekend as well."

When Bill Callahan was the coach at Nebraska, they viewed Scheelhaase as an athlete. Under Bo Pelini, the Huskers seem to be leaning more towards quarterback now. But, there is still that "slash" possibility.

"I got the offer under Bill Callahan and the new staff said the offer is still good. Under Bill Callahan they were recruiting me as an athlete. I think that it's leaning more towards quarterback now, but I think that it's still quarterback/athlete.

"I have received most of my letters from Nebraska personally from Coach Shawn Watson. It's about quarterback stuff. My coach was actually up there for the coaching clinic and he said the spoke to Coach Watson, Coach Ted Gilmore and Coach Bo Pelini.

"They wanted to know which way I was leaning when it came to position. Obviously Coach Watson wants me to be a quarterback and coach me. Then I worked with Coach Gilmore at the receiver spot at camp. Now you have a guy like Coach Pelini who is a defensive guy and he knows that I can play defense. It's fun to hear about this from all angles."

If it was up to Scheelhaase, he wouldn't eliminate and positions from consideration. He definitely leans towards one, but he is a man of reason. If a coach of a team tells him that he could help them out at a position other than the one he would prefer he would definitely listen.

"I wouldn't say that I wouldn't want to play any certain position. I would say that I am leaning towards quarterback and that is where most schools are recruiting me to play. A lot of programs these days are doing the counter-read or the bootleg stuff and it's good to be a mobile guy.

"Quarterback is something that I can do in college and do well. If I liked the coaches and the school at a place where they wanted me to play another position because it might better benefit the team then I am not opposed to doing anything."

If there is one thing that is unique about Scheelhaase it's that has him rated as a four-star safety. Safety is a position that he played extensively as a sophomore, but not a lot since. It's also a position that not a lot of teams are talking to him about now.

"I don't know what that is all about. I tried to call someone about that. I don't know. I think that is because my sophomore highlights were playing safety. All of my articles are about me playing quarterback. I don't know."

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