QB/WR, Billy Pittman - popularity rising

Versatility gets you noticed. Versatility combined with athleticism and a real "gamer" type attitude, well, that will get you some serious attention. That's exactly what Billy Pittman has gotten lately and it would appear that it's only going to increase.

Billy Pittman -Cameron, TX (Yoe) (WR/QB/ATH 6'0-180-4.3/40) Billy Pittman: speed, leadership, throwing arm, catching ability, and moves galore. No wonder he's gotten a ton scholarships and from some big name schools as well.

He does have a list of favorites currently and they have not changed for a long time, most likely one of these schools will end up with Pittman before everything is said and done "Right now my top 5 are Texas, OU, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and TCU". And Billy has a leader among these schools as well. "Right now Texas is my favorite. Nebraska is probably second, everyone after Texas is pretty even right now."

How about position? Does he wish to lead his high school team from behind center as he currently does? "I like playing quarterback, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to do in college. TCU wants me as an athlete, Nebraska wants me as a QB, everyone else wants me as a wide receiver. I'm not too worried about what I'll do, I can do it all"

But, Billy will not pull the trigger anytime soon barring some minor miracle, he wishes to visit all 5 campuses prior to committing, but his high school season comes first. "We're 8-2 with one district game left, then off the to play offs. I need to worry about this now and visits later." Because of the obvious dedication to his season, he has yet to schedule any officials.

Billy has rushed 163 times for 1303 yards and 13 TDS. Passing, Billy has attempted 173 passes and completed 92 of those with 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

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