Ash sees Nebraska spring game

The Nebraska offensive line looks to regaining that old-form when they were known for leading their running backs like Ahman Green, Lawrence Phillips, Damon Benning and others 30-40 yards down field to make a block. A recruiting target from North Texas, Nick Ash, was able to attend the spring game on Saturday and impressed with what he saw.

At 6-foot-5 and 270-pounds, Nick Ash from Keller (Texas), was able to see Nebraska's spring game. On top of the game, Ash and his family were able to take part a presentation on Friday night.

"It was great," Ash said. "On Friday, they did the alumni wall presentation. Over 2,000 letterman were added to the wall and we were there with the alumni. That was great.

Ash said that he didn't take a lot away from the game, considering it's really a scrimmage, but he said that the crowd was incredible. The atmosphere really blew Ash away.

"The fan base was just incredible. It's kind of hard to tell when they are scrimmaging themselves, it was great to see them compete, but the atmosphere for a spring game was unbelievable.

"For 80,000 fans to show up to a spring game, or a scrimmage, is just unbelievable. That really blew me away."

Ash was able to sit down with most of the coaches, one on one, and talk to them a little bit, personally. Most of the conversations with the coaches took place on Friday night at a reception.

"Friday night, when we showed up, there was a reception-type dinner we were able to attend and we got to sit down with the coaches then and talk. It was good.

"I spoke with Coach Barney Cotton, Bo Pelini, Mike Ekeler and also Carl Pelini. I spoke to just about all the coaches' one on one."

After the game, and an amazing weekend, Ash said that he takes away from the weekend a very strong feeling about Nebraska. That is a feeling that Husker fans should be excited about.

"Yeah, I could see myself seeing there. Overall, their offense is what I am comfortable doing. They run the ball a lot, some play-action and stuff they do we do."

How Ash might know so early about potentially wanting to go to a school is because he has seen a lot of other schools and one other spring game so far. Nebraska rates the best with Ash in comparing to the other schools.

"I went to Oklahoma State's spring game. I have gone to see Arizona, Arizona State, Texas A&M, Houston, TCU, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, Penn State and Arkansas already.

"Nebraska is at the top in comparison to those other schools for everything that they showed us and everything that we did. It was really incredible."

A commitment might now happen this summer, but it won't be too far after it. "I really have to sit down and talk to my parents about it. We will probably commit right around the first of the season. It will be in September some time."

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