Scheelhaase checks out Lincoln

The annual spring game in Lincoln was different this year in a way that it maybe wasn't the best show for the crowd. That aside, if you really look at the changes in the attitude on the field by the players and the coaches it was still something to see. Nathan Scheelhaase might have seen a conservative offense, but he saw himself fitting in at Nebraska at a number of positions.

Nathan Scheelhaase, the 6-foot-2 and 195-pound dual-threat quarterback from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst, took in the spring game at Nebraska last weekend. The visit went well for Scheelhaase.

"I enjoyed it," Scheelhaase said. "I definitely had a great time. It was a great day to get out and play football. It was definitely a good visit."

The atmosphere was second to none with Nebraska setting a national record for attendance this year for a spring game. Scheelhaase said that Nebraska got twice as many fans as some other schools that he saw press coverage on.

"Obviously, it was one of the craziest in the nation. I went home and watched TV of some other spring games and the other schools were talking about 30,000 or 40,000.

"To get 80,000 fans to show up to your spring game is just nuts. That's as many as you get for any regular season game. The atmosphere was really top-notch."

The last time Scheelhaase was in Lincoln was really the game where everything just started to go wrong. It's a good time to get back to Lincoln, see the changes and see if it addresses the need. Scheelhaase thinks that Nebraska is doing the right things.

"I was up for an unofficial visit for the USC game, last time. Since then, there have been some changes and a season where they struggled.

"I think that it was the right idea to make the changes to get back to dominance. Obviously with Coach Bo Pelini, they are going to find a way to solve their defensive struggles.

"That university is working so hard on being the best. They're not going to settle for mediocrity. It's good to see the crowd is in full-support after a year where they struggled.

The offensive game plan, or the results of the play calling, fall short of eye-popping numbers when it was the 1's versus the world. Despite that, Scheelhaase said that he could see himself fitting in at Nebraska in many different positions.

"I think that I can fit in at Nebraska in a lot of different positions. Right now, the quarterbacks at Nebraska don't run too much. Maybe they just don't have a quarterback that can run very much?

"I feel very comfortable that somehow Coach Shawn Watson and the rest of the offensive staff could find a way to use me at quarterback. They have been around long enough and know how to use their talent.

"I think that even the crowd likes to see a quarterback that can use their feet. One of their quarterbacks made a nice run, about 15 yards, but it's something that I see myself doing and the crowd was going nuts."

The spring game to Nebraska is the last thing that Scheelhaase has planned for a while. There are a few team camps that he has set up already and has a lot of time that he is flexible with to either attend a camp or just make another visit.

"That was my last spring event. I have to get pretty serious about track because we are heading into districts. I know that I am going to camp at Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma and Stanford. Those are set in stone.

"As far as other events, I have a lot of open time where I can get to other places. I spoke to Coach Ted Gilmore about that, getting information about camp, and he told me that I could just make the drive up and hang out, not necessarily participate.

"I will probably be talking again to Nebraska about their camp schedules so I can just get back up there and take in another visit to Nebraska."

Stories lately, with Scheelhaase, didn't have a lot to say about Nebraska. However, Scheelhaase contends that the visit to Nebraska gave him a vibe about the program and that Nebraska is still in the running for his services.

"I definitely think that they are in consideration after that visit. I am still open. After you have a good visit, you have that vibe or a certain feeling about it. After track, I will sit down with my family and head coach and talk about my options."

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