Moore not feeling heat from additional offers

Quarterback Clayton Moore has found himself one of the most coveted quarterbacks around as of late, single-digit offers now ballooning to almost 20. Consider it ironic then that Moore , looking at a bright future in football has another sport squarely on his mind.

It's baseball season. 

Not a climactic statement to be sure. But for Mississippi quarterback Clayton Moore, this is more than a season. It's the Post season. 

Starting last week Moore 's baseball team went into the playoffs ranked as the four seed and already has a sweep over number one seed North Potontoc on their resume. And this weekend they will take on third seed Ripley. 

This is a playoff run that if successful, Moore 's Louisville team could be playing well into May. 

For his part Moore , playing shortstop, has hit over .400 through approximately 30 games. It's not hard to see why the sport of football hasn't really taken center stage, even as Moore has watched his offers start to balloon. 

"I really haven't thought too much about recruiting right now. It's partly due to baseball, but it's just really too early to start thinking about narrowing down my list," Moore said. 

Even the sight of his list growing as steadily as it has, doesn't have Moore feeling that there is any pressure to try and get it trimmed down now. "No, I'm just going to see who all is interested and I'll start to look at it a lot more closely when everything else quiets down," he said. 

This trip to the post season has made any unofficial visits he might attend, impossible. Nebraska, a team he's been considered and who was the first non-spread offensive team to offer him in writing, was a team he had commented that he might like to visit over the off-season, but wasn't sure if he could. That thought remains the same. 

And the communication process with Nebraska hasn't been one where the timing for Moore has been all that successful. "I've tried to reach coach (Shawn) Watson a couple of times now, but didn't get any answer. So, I just left messages," Clayton said. "He's sent me a couple of hand-written letters, but that's about all I have heard from them."

Moore says it's a lot different with Virginia Tech, who he says shows him more attention than any other school. But with a slew of existing offers from over a month ago, now finding company by the way of teams like Virginia Tech, along with East Carolina and Iowa , you could say Moore is now in a position where he really can take everything in stride. 

The only real football thing he's got going on right now is a trip down to Auburn for the "Elite 150" Camp. But then it's back to baseball.

Clayton's easy-going disposition is perfect for recruiting you might say, the Mississippi prep star not shaken a bit by the massive increase in attention he's received along with the obvious glut of attention he'll receive come Sept. 1 when all these coaches are allowed to start calling him at home. 

That's all good for Moore , but he sees his decision as much of a process as coaches see when it comes to building their teams. He's going to take it one step at a time. "I'm not in any hurry at all to make a decision, because it's a big decision I am going to have to make," he said. "I haven't really compared these teams, what kind of offenses they run or any of that stuff. 

"So, there's a lot I still have to do."

Moore says he has no favorites. 

As a junior Clayton passed for over 3,000 yards and had 850 rushing yards and 40 total TD's.

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