Huskers offer second from Guyer

The Huskers seem to be making a definite interest to lure players from the North Texas area this spring. The Nebraska coaching staff has identified a second offensive line prospect from the same high of another that had already received an offer. This prospect just got the Nebraska offer and hasn't had a chance to really research it, but he knows about Nebraska football.

Jesse Coffey is starting to ride a recent wave of recruiting success. The 6-foot-7 and 270-pound offensive tackle from Denton (Texas) Guyer has picked up a couple of new offers the past two weeks.

"Recruiting is going good," Coffey said. "I just picked up a new offer from Ole Miss on Monday. It was understood that I would get one before.

"In total, I have five offers. I also have offers from Tulsa, Central Arkansas, New Mexico State and Nebraska along with Ole Miss."

The offense at Guyer, at least last year, was run-heavy. That obviously has given Coffey a lot of opportunities to run-block. However, he says that his pass-blocking is still something that he can do well.

"Everyone likes me as an offensive tackle. I think that my height is a big part of what kind of lineman I am. I am a lot taller than what most other people are.

"We run a tight end offense, more pro-style, and we run the ball a whole bunch. It's probably a run to pass ratio of 5:1, at least last year it was that way.

"I feel comfortable pass blocking or run blocking. We do all sorts of drills on both. I am more experienced in run blocking because of the games, but that doesn't take away from how comfortable I am pass blocking."

Coffey has already taken a couple of trips this spring. As of right now, he only has one plan to hit a nearby combine. It's obvious though, Coffey would like to get out and see some of the schools that have offered him.

"I have already made trips to Texas A&M and Arizona this spring. I am going to the top 100 combine that is also coming up."

One of the reasons Coffey is interested in getting out and looking at schools is because he's an interested in a good education as he is a good experience playing football. Coffey thinks you need to get out and see schools to really process it.

"I am looking for academics as much as I am looking at a school to play football. I am looking for a school where I can get a good degree at, but still has a good program.

"It's hard to find, but that is what I am looking for. I am looking to major in engineering in college. I want a school that is as interested in getting me a degree as playing for them in football."

The Nebraska offer, along with the Ole Miss offer, is relatively new. He hasn't been able to get up to Nebraska on short notice yet. However, Coffey is well aware for the football tradition at Nebraska.

"I haven't had a chance to check out any information on Nebraska yet. I just got the offer recently. It's tough to get up there on a short notice.

"I would like check out a lot more schools when it comes to recruiting. Nebraska is obviously very well known for their football. I need to take a closer look at them."

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