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While Husker fans might think back to years under Bill Callahan and remember 150+ offers as of right now, it's clear that the Nebraska coaching staff is waiting for the spring evaluation period and summer camps to make a determination on some players and if they get offers. One position that has been active though is quarterback with Ryan Mossakowski being one of Nebraska's top targets.

It's been a week since the Nebraska spring game and Ryan Mossakowski has been difficult to reach. A quarterback for Frisco (Texas) Centennial, Mossakowski is also the starting shortstop as well.

"Yes sir, played a lot of baseball this last week," Mossakowski said. "We won on Tuesday and we had to win on Friday and we lost."

The weekend before the baseball tournament, Mossakowski and his family took in the spring game in Nebraska. The visit couldn't have gone any better for Mossakowski.

"The visit to Nebraska was awesome. It was a really great experience. I got a chance to meet Coach Shawn Watson, it was the first time to meet him, and just my first time to Nebraska.

"It was a great atmosphere at the game. It was insane, it was crazy. That is the way football is supposed to be. It was really pretty cool to be part of that in a way because I kind of was.

"The coaches were all nice. They are all pretty young guys and easy to talk to, one on one kind of guys. The game itself was crazy. You get 80,000 plus to a spring game, that is a great turn-out."

Mossakowski put up some huge numbers for Centennial last year. He threw for over 3,000 yards and had 19 touchdowns. On his career, the stats just about double and he had a great chance to see the Nebraska quarterbacks and the system up close last weekend.

"I believe that I could fit in very well at Nebraska. They pass the ball quite a bit as well as still have that running game. Personally, I think that I fit in pretty well with their offense. I could see myself fitting in there."

Frisco is one of the fastest growing areas not only in the Dallas area, but in the nation. While the town of Frisco might compare size-wise to Lincoln, the overall Dallas metroplex is very accessible to people in Frisco. Did Mossakowski like the town of Lincoln?

"I really liked the town and could really find myself going to school in a town like that. It was really kind of a "homey" town. It's not big, but it's not small and I like that. It was a beautiful town.

"All of the fans there are insane and really nice. They were all asking me how my trip was and how things were going. Everything went really well. I really enjoyed it."

The visit to Mossakowski went so well in fact that he said that he wouldn't change anything about it. There wasn't a single, negative thing that he could say about the trip or Nebraska.

"I would have to say that it was probably a "9" or a "9.5". There really couldn't have been anything that would have made it any better. I really liked it."

The spring game to Nebraska wasn't the last thing that Mossakowski has planned for himself this spring and summer. With no spring practices for Centennial, Mossakowski will be hitting the road as early as this coming weekend.

"This weekend I am going to the Elite 11 camp in Tuscaloosa. I am going to also be visiting Alabama here pretty soon. I am also going to camp at Auburn and a camp in Clemson."

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