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It's not like Nebraska was anything to QB, Walter Washington. It's not like the Huskers were just another of the many teams that Washington has seen or followed to any degree since he was young. Nope, they were a childhood favorite and this last weekend, Walter got to visit that favorite as he decides just where he will be playing his Division 1-A ball next.

"It went wonderful." Walter Washington stated of his recent visit to the University of Nebraska. This visit was important for him as he got to go back to a place he followed as a kid. In fact, even with all the other Universities that Walter has seen and heard about and followed from his home in the state of Florida, somehow, it always comes back to NU. "Growing up, I followed Nebraska all the time." Washington stated. "I always thought I would fit good in their program."

With that in mind, Walter said that he didn't think that this visit wasn't going to offer him anything all that new. "I took a camp trip down there in my junior, going into my senior year." Walter said. "I didn't learn [this time] anymore about Nebraska that I didn't know already."

Ok, that begs the question, what did he know before that still continues to be true about his thoughts on the University of Nebraska? "I loved the players, I loved the coach, I loved the staff." Washington stated. "I loved everything, basically."

From his time in Florida where he followed the Huskers so diligently, his time in the junior college ranks would obviously be a time where he could learn a little more, but expand his horizons to other schools, other places and think about other opportunities. Though that happened, Walter stated that Nebraska hasn't lost it's luster. "Not at all." Walter said. "I have always loved their program and I have always loved what they ran."

"I always thought they should have opened up the offense a little more and get the ball down the field."

Get the ball down the field? A common argument with quarterbacks thinking of Nebraska and most definitely a phase of the game that Walter is very gifted at. You want to talk about some of the biggest arms you have ever seen, you can include Washington amongst those if not at the very top. In a competition in Florida as a senior, Washington threw the ball the farthest, but just how far he threw it, and again, as a senior in high school, well that will make your jaw simply hit the ground. "I threw it 77 yards." Walter said.

So, how far can he throw it now? "Probably the length of the field." word.....WOW!

Aside from Walter's arm, there is something that is a little more obvious about him, at least up to the point where he gets on the field. It's his size. Washington is a daunting, 6'2" and a whopping 240 lbs.

I know what you are thinking.

Way too big and way too slow, but if you listen to his coach, (John Rosseti), nothing could be further from the truth. "He looks more like a linebacker than a quarterback." Coach Rosetti said. "He's not a big speed guy, but he's very quick and very elusive and people have a very hard time tackling him."

"He had over 700 yards rushing this year and right now, he is leading the conference in all-purpose yards in rushing and passing."

For Walter, his size is a gift because people think he doesn't have the ability to make you miss, but suddenly and when it's too late, they find out different. "I thrive on breaking tackles, but I thrive on making people miss. Washington stated. "I'm kind of everything playing quarterback." Washington stated to the reference of him being a linebacker playing QB. "In high school, I played from the entire defensive line to the linebackers, to the strong safeties and the free safeties."

Any more debate as to his versatility? Ok, let's move on.

Despite the affection towards NU, Washington didn't make the pledge to be a Husker when he had the perfect opportunity. There are other teams he is thinking about, like Iowa, Temple, Central Florida and Troy State. Currently, the other only official visit scheduled for Walter is to Troy State. And, Walter fully intends on taking that official and any other he can schedule before the deadline of Dec. 18th.

But, right now, Walter has a clear idea of where he might end up. "Honestly, Nebraska."

Because a decision wasn't reached on his visit, Washington's intent on letting the process play out is obvious. Walter did say though that he would more than likely not wait until the final day to decide,"But, close to it."

As stated above, the official signing day for mid-year JUCO athletes is Dec. 18th, but again, people will probably not have to wait nearly that long for Washington to decide where he will ultimately go.

As a special treat for you subscribers, we have a full interview, sound byte style with Washington where we cover what you saw above, plus a bunch of other stuff. Just check out the Inside NU&Recruiting board for that piece.

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