Official visit recap, CB, Reynaldo Hill

Rated as one of the best JUCO cornerbacks in the country, many eyes are peeled as to where this young man goes. Well, at least for a weekend, Reynaldo turned his sights on Nebraska for his official visit, so now, the question is begged, where is Hill looking now.

Reynaldo Hill Dodge City, KS (CB-6'1-187-4.2/40) Along with his roommate and fellow cornerback Donald Defrand, Hill just returned from his official from Nebraska "It was a good time, the team, the coaches, the atmosphere was really outstanding."

Does this push Nebraska into the lead "I'm not going to say that. They are a great school and we'll see where they end up when it's all done."

Reynaldo like his roommate will also be taking other visits as well and like his roommate Ohio St. came into the conversation "They're supposed to be calling soon, tonight maybe. Hopefully we (Donald and he) can set something up to go visit there."

I also asked Reynaldo about he and his roommate being a package deal "It could happen. Neither of us is going to commit somewhere just because the other one did. We're both our own person. It would be great if it did happen, but I can't say that it is going to happen."

Add on: Reynaldo did seem to enjoy his trip to NU, but was more laid back than Donald. Donald seemed very hyped where Reynaldo seemed to take a "wait and see approach". Horne and the Bullocks were also his hosts for his visit as well.

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