Wegher talks Nebraska offer

If Brandon Wegher hadn't been up to Lincoln (Nebr.) a month or so before the spring game then missing the Nebraska spring game might have been a bigger deal. Truth be told, he wasn't in attendance, but that doesn't mean anything about his thoughts on Nebraska. Wegher picked up his offer a couple of weeks ago from Nebraska and talks about where Nebraska likes him on the field.

Brandon Wegher, a 5-foot-11 and 187-pound athlete from Sioux City (Iowa) Bishop Heelan, says that recruiting is going good. Wegher was supposed to be at the spring game in Lincoln, but wasn't able to attend.

"Things are going pretty good," Wegher said. "I ended up not going to the Nebraska spring game. I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere.

"I am definitely still considering Nebraska. I just didn't want to go to any spring games that weekend, anywhere. It was nothing against the school or anything."

The fact that Wegher chose not to attend is one thing, but Wegher was up at Nebraska just about a month before. He was interested in meeting the new staff. A new staff that at least has him considering Nebraska.

"I was just up at Nebraska about a month before. I definitely liked the trip. I really like the new coaching staff at Nebraska. I wouldn't have gone to Nebraska without the coaching change."

About two weeks following the trip to Lincoln, Wegher received some good news from the Nebraska staff. While at a track meet Wegher was asked to call Nebraska to get the good news himself.

"I picked up an offer from Nebraska a couple of weeks ago or so. It was definitely a surprise. I was at a track meet when my dad called me to tell me to call Coach Cotton.

"He got on the phone and said that they were offering. It was one that I was hoping for. It is the closest school to my home. It's about 2 hours or so."

Coach Barney Cotton, a former assistant at Iowa State, will handle recruiting the state of Iowa. Wegher and Nebraska discussed the position that they like Wegher at, but they aren't able to settle just on one.

"Coach Barney Cotton is recruiting me. I had lunch with Coach Cotton, he's a good guy. He's definitely recruiting me, but they don't know what they are recruiting me as.

"I also spoke with Coach Bo Pelini. I spoke to Coach Marvin Sanders and to Coach Tim Beck a little bit too. I spoke to a lot of the coaches."

While Nebraska can't settle on a position, they also can't settle on which side of the ball either. It's actually a couple of positions on offense and at least one on defense. To this point, Wegher has only played one position, but will play wherever he is asked.

"Nebraska is looking at me to play either offense or defense there, they aren't totally sure. On offense, it's probably running back and maybe wide receiver. On defense, it's as a safety.

"My position has always been running back. I am open to wherever it suits the team, wherever the coaches feel like it's the best for me and where I can get on the field the quickest."

The fact that Nebraska can't decide on where to play Wegher kind of helps them out. In that flexibility, there is the chance that he will be put in a position to see the field quicker and that is something that he is interested in.

"Definitely not, I think that it boosts it actually. I can actually be considered to play multiple positions and get on the field quicker. There is a flexibility that I like in that."

While the Huskers missed Wegher at the spring game, they might be able to host him again at summer camps. "I am definitely going to try to make it up to Lincoln again this summer. It might be for camp, but I don't know."

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