North Texas tailback holding NU offer

Nebraska is looking for a running back that can next year step in and pick up some of the slack that the graduation of Marlon Lucky will create. Lucky is a versatile weapon for Nebraska and is dangerous as a runner or a receiver. One of the running backs that Nebraska has their eyes on is Stepfan Taylor from Mansfield (Texas).

The Huskers are eyeing a big back from the Dallas area. Stepfan Taylor, a 6-foot-0 and 205-pound running back from Mansfield, had a very good sophomore year and then followed it up with an outstanding junior year.

"I have been a starter since I was a sophomore," Taylor said. "My sophomore year, I had 743 yards rushing on 124 attempts. I averaged six yards per carry and had six touchdowns.

"Last season I had 187 rushing attempts for 1,586 yards, averaging 8.5 yards per carry, and had 21 touchdowns. I was all-state honorable mention, all-area and district MVP."

A lot of things make Taylor special as a runner. His size obviously gives him an advantage over other running backs, but he carries the size well and is deceptively fast with 4.5/40 speed.

"I think my size. It helps in my ability to break tackles. For a guy my size, I think that I have pretty good quickness too. I also have good vision and can follow my blocks."

While Taylor had a solid junior year, his stats may actually improve with the change in offense that he is expecting. "In my high school career to this point, I have played in the spread. With a new coach, we are moving over to running more I-formation."

Taylor said that things are a little hectic right now for recruiting. He is sitting on about a dozen offers from some of the best football programs around the nation.

"Recruiting is going good right now. I think that I have around 11 or 12 offers. They are from Notre Dame, Minnesota, TCU, Texas A&M, Kansas, Stanford, Arizona, Houston, Louisiana Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin and maybe one other."

Taylor is a little hesitant to talk about who is standing out right now, but he did admit that he has done some research on a few schools so far. He has been looking mostly on-line, has taken a couple of trips and is planning a state tour.

"I am not really sure; maybe TCU, Notre Dame, Minnesota and Texas A&M. Those are really the only schools that I have had a chance to take a look at. I haven't had a chance to research a lot of other schools."

"It's been looking on-line mostly. The only trip that I have taken so far is to TCU because it's so close to my house. I went to Texas A&M for the spring game. I am planning on taking a round of trips to the four or five state colleges. That will happen this summer most likely."

A possible advantage that Nebraska has with Mansfield (Texas) players and the program is with new assistant coach, Tim Beck. Beck was actually a head coach at Mansfield (Texas) Summitt.

"I don't know Tim Beck personally, but he did tell me that he coached at Summitt. He told me some of the players that he had there and I knew who some of them were. I didn't know him as a coach, personally.

"Nebraska is a good school. It's a great running back school. I am going to check them out. Distance isn't a big thing for me and my decision. Nebraska wouldn't be too far for me to consider when it comes to going to school."

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