Nebraska makes list for #3 QB

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of elite prep quarterbacks in the country, and Nebraska has shown just how much that position means to them for the class of 2009. They have offered no less than 10 QBs, but one of their most recent offers could be to the best one thus far.

Vince Young doesn't really know what he started.

Yes, we have seen plenty of dual-threat quarterbacks in our life, but until players like Young and Daunte Culpepper, who could be considered the first really mobile-big QB, it was more an oddity than anything you expect to see year in and year out.

Well, they aren't growing on trees, but Dayton , Texas standout Cody Green counts himself amongst the group of dual-threat signal-callers this year, but at 6 foot, 4 inches and 220 pounds, he's not like most all-purpose QBs you'll see.

The truly odd part here is, while Green seems to be stacking up the offers lately, a Nebraska offer coming in the mail a week or so ago and a Boston College offer coming in yesterday, Green hasn't played football since the second game of his junior year. Torn ligaments in his ankle kept him out for most of his junior campaign, leaving Green pleasantly surprised at the attention which continues to roll in.

"It's surprising, to be honest. I missed almost all of my season last year and teams are still writing and still offering," he said.

Green is certainly a big-bodied quarterback sporting a strong arm and the kind of elusiveness which makes him a threat to run at any moment. And his athleticism is such that the home-state power Longhorns have recruited Green to play wideout along with Texas Tech.

But quarterback is where his heart's at, and Green looks at the recruiting process solely from the eyes of the man under center. "It's what I enjoy. It's the position I want to play, and I like to think that I am going to be a good player in college," he said.

The funny thing about the recent attention for Green; he planned on getting his decision out of the way as soon as possible. Slated to graduate high school in December, this is obviously a process he doesn't want to drag out any longer than he has to. The aforementioned recent offers have made him think that over a bit, but he still plans on getting his decision out of the way sooner rather than later. "By the time the Summer is over, I want to have my decision. I think that should give me enough time to check out the teams which are showing me the most interest and where I think I could fit in the best," Green said.

Where he fits could be a matter of opinion, Green a career spread-system QB now looking at a lot of teams which don't run the spread at all. If it's just college he's looking at, Green said that this wouldn't be an issue, but it becomes one if you start thinking about the NFL. "Teams in the NFL don't run that kind of offense. They have elements of it, but it's mostly "West Coast" and systems like that," he said. "It's one of those things where if you are seriously looking at the NFL you have to take into consideration. NFL teams just don't go after quarterbacks who run the spread in college."

There are a few things which Green has at his disposal when he considers the kind of transition there would be in going from a spread QB to someone in a more pro-style set. His ability to run certainly doesn't hurt. But unlike many spread quarterbacks and their coaches who try to say that if you are good teams will find you, citing their physical ability, Green looks at what he believes is the most important trait any quarterback needs, regardless of the system. "It's my mind. It's my ability to do everything I need to do within the system, from reads, progressions and knowing what to do with the ball if a play breaks down," he said. "To me that's my biggest strength. It allows me to recognize what I am seeing, but it also prepares me for the challenge of a system change if I happen to go to a place where they don't run the spread."

One of those places is Nebraska , a team firmly entrenched into the west coast style of play and a school which Green knows at least a little about. There is a lot more he has to learn, he said, but there seems to be a common denominator about the Huskers when he talks to people, some who hail from the Cornhusker state. "The fans. I just hear about their fans and people tell me that if I ever get a chance to go see a game there, go," he said. "They don't have anything else in the state, and with the tradition they have had, the entire state just follows that team."

Nebraska along with Mississippi State , are two schools which Green counts amongst his favorites, but hasn't visited thus far. He's been to Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and LSU. One of Cody's plans over the Summer is to make sure he gets to both to see what it's like, what they are about and how it fits him as a student-athlete.

As for any favorites amongst his growing list, Cody said that he did early on, but the playing field has leveled a bit since. "I had LSU and Texas A&M up there pretty high, but that was before all these other offers starting coming in. I was thinking that I needed to take a step back and think about this a little more," he said. "They are obviously still teams I definitely put on my list, but I need to make sure I am thorough about this whole thing.

"Since I plan on graduating early, I can't mess around with just making a decision on the spot, because there isn't a lot of time to get things figured out. But that's what I plan to do."

Green is ranked at the #3 Quarterback in the country by and he has a 3.6 GPA.

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