Statistical nightmare, Courtney Tennial

Once again, the drive for the magical barrier continues. It's almost an on-going saga, but one that seems to be almost too easy for this young talent. Is is the magical 2,000 yard mark that draws this young man to grind and tough out his yards, inch by agonizing inch? Nahh, that's too easy. Let's try for 3 grand. And the saga continues........

Courtney Tennial-(Glenpool, OK) (RB-5'10-208-4.43/40-325/bench-555/squat) Setting his goals for 3,000 rushing yards this summer seemed like a lofty, if not impossible goal, but earlier when he was half through the season he was more than half the way there. It was all down hill, right? Right. Just too easy, unfortunately.

"We 9-0 right now, everything is doing great." Which is outstanding, but does have a downside. "Well, the past several games have gotten out of hand pretty quickly, I haven't even finished the first half of the last two games because we were winning so badly" Which in turn means less yards for Courtney "We still have state and all that, I'm not going to say its impossible but now it's not looking like I can do it."

But in all honesty the goal was near impossible to begin with, but had he been able to play a little more in the games who knows? He's already surpassed 2000 yards rushing and not played as much as he could have. That's talent.

Courtney is currently sitting on five scholarships. Three schools from his home state (Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Tulsa) along with NorthWestern and Kansas St. have offered him a full ride for his services.

"Right now no one leads. I haven't taken an official and I haven't even really talked to anyone about setting one up. I'm going to finish this season and start looking in December on where to visit."

Courtney is fully qualified.

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