A bit overshadowed last year

It's tough to make an impact as a tight end if you have two, upper-classmen in front of you. Even more, two tight ends in front of you that ended up being division one players. So now it's time for the 6-foot-5 and 225-pound tight end to shine and some attention is already swinging his way during the spring evaluation period.

Last year, Lewisville (Texas) Flower Mound produced two division one tight ends. Players like that is enough reason to get back to see what Flower Mound has to offer again this year.

Flower Mound is in the middle of their spring practices and practices are going good for Craig Wenrick despite some nagging finger jam injuries. He's excited to get out on the field again.

"We are in the middle of spring practices," Wenrick said. "It feels pretty good. I am excited to get back out there."

With the two division one tight ends, Wenrick didn't get a lot of chances to play. "I only had one catch last year. I had two tight ends in front of me go division one. I went in there for blocking situations, but not a lot else."

While there were limited opportunities on the field that doesn't mean that having two division one tight ends in front of him kept him from learning anything last season. Wenrick said that it was good that they were around and that he picked up some things from them.

"Oh yeah, definitely. James Hanna who went to Oklahoma pushed me in the receiving part. Chandler Koch who went to Boise State really pushed me as a blocker."

Wenrick isn't too far one way or the other when it comes to the tight end position. He's a good receiver and a good blocker.

"I think that I am pretty good catching the football. I'm not as big of a deep threat as Hanna is. I also block pretty well. So, I would say intermediate pass catcher and good blocker."

No offers yet for Wenrick, but he and his teammates know that there have been some teams in to see them very recently. One of the trio was the first to pick up an offer the other day.

"It's going pretty good. I don't have any offers yet, but a lot of teams have been in to see me, Collin Ashley and Michael Williams.

"I know for a fact that Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Virginia, Texas A&M, Washington and a few other schools have been out there recently. Ashley just picked up an offer from Wake Forest."

Wenrick isn't really sure who might be the most interested in him right now. At one point, he would have said Texas A&M, but there has been a lack of communication recently. There is one other team that is still very interested.

"I thought that A&M was close for a while. They told the coaches that they would get back to them to let them know what they are going to do with me last week. They didn't get back to them yet.

"I was invited out to a junior day and a couple of other things at A&M this year. I can tell they are interested. I also think that Virginia is pretty interested in me as well."

Up to the point last week when Nebraska showed up, Wenrick had just been receiving recruiting letters. He knows that Nebraska was there, saw his film and then watched him practice.

"I have just got letters from Nebraska up to this point. No one knew that they were coming by the school. They came and watched film and then they stayed to watch practice."

Beyond the recruiting letters and a little bit of history on Nebraska; Wenrick doesn't know a lot about the Huskers. "I know that they have a great program, but beyond that I really don't know. It's not too far away or anything. I will go anywhere to play."

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