Busy spring for Ash

One of the higher profile recruits that were in for the Nebraska spring game was Nick Ash. Ash, a 6-foot-5 and 270-pound offensive lineman from Keller (Texas) has seen his popularity grow with every university that happened to stop by in the spring. Ash isn't sure where he will go this summer for camps, but he hasn't ruled out going back to Lincoln again.

The evaluation period is closing and so are spring practices in Texas. Nick Ash and Keller (Texas) have three practices left and a scrimmage.

"Spring practices are about done," Ash said. "We have tomorrow and Thursday. Then next week we have Tuesday, divide up into teams and then our scrimmage is on Thursday."

The spring has been trying for Ash and his teammates. It started out rough, but he and his teammates have noticed improvement as the spring has gone on.

"At the beginning it was hard. We had a lot of young guys that had to step up and replace guys that were gone. We didn't have a lot of depth.

"Overall, everyone is learning and not making as many mistakes as we all did, week one. I think that you have to look at that as a positive."

For Ash, it's another week and another two offers. He actually just picked up another two offers last night and a third really right before that. Ash is up to eight total offers.

"I just got offered by Vanderbilt and Arizona last night. Before that, I got offered by Kansas. I am up to eight total offers.

"The other five offers are from Nebraska, Washington State, Texas Tech, TCU and Houston have all offered me."

Since seeing the spring game in Lincoln, Ash has only had a chance to take one other visit. That other visit came last weekend took them to Ann Arbor.

"Last week I went to Michigan. It was cool. It was pretty laid back, not really formal, just a barbeque and a chance to catch up with the coaches.

"I got a chance to look around, see the facilities and take a look around campus. It wasn't like a real junior day or anything."

The interest is there from the Wolverines, but no offer yet. The Michigan coaches want Ash back up there again next month for camp.

"Michigan came by the school, saw my film from practice and said that they were interested. It was then that they invited me to the barbeque.

"They also are talking about me coming out to the camp on June 8. I am not sure what camps I am going to be going to this summer though."

The chance to go to Michigan is one of the options that Ash is pondering, but hasn't decided on what he will do this summer. "I was talking about it with my dad, but we haven't made any final decisions on anything yet."

It seemed that following the trip to Nebraska that the Huskers were in a very good position with Ash. There has been a lot of contact since the spring game and Ash is still very much interested in the Huskers.

"Nebraska has been staying in contact quite a bit. Coach Pelini called me already and I try to talk to them at least once a week just to catch up and see what's going on.

"I liked the trip to their spring game and Nebraska is still one of my top schools. Their tradition for the offensive line caught my eye and I just like the school in general."

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