Trips coming for Burkhead

You know that you have a lot of offers when you can just say ‘thirty-some'. For Rex Burkhead, it's gotten to that level of interest for him and his abilities on the football field. Whenever Burkhead touches the ball, he is a threat to take it to the house. There has been only one unofficial visit to Nebraska, but there are two more schools that will host him later this summer.

Drawing some comparisons to last year's sensation from Texas, Sam McGuffie, and Rex Burkhead is pulling down McGuffie-like offer numbers. The evaluation period and spring practices will be wrapping up soon for Burkhead.

"Our last spring practice was today," Burkhead said. "We divide up for teams and do our scrimmage tomorrow night. I am not sure how much I will play. I know it won't be a lot."

Burkhead has been a leader on the field for Plano (Texas). Over the past two years, Burkhead has accounted for over 4,000 yards in total offense and 44 scores.

"I really want to become more verbal with the team. Whether it was out on the field or in on the weight room. The past few years it's been leading more by example. This year, I think that I need to speak out more and help the younger players."

The stats and the developing leadership is something that almost a third of all the division one teams have seen in Burkhead. Enough, anyway, to extend an offer.

"I think its 30 or a little more than 30. Right now I do not have a list of favorites. By the end of the school year I will have a top 5 or 10. I am trying to narrow some things down and will hopefully get there by the end of the spring."

Burkhead has really only taken on unofficial visit and hit one combine. That will change the first week that school comes to a close and he gets a chance to take his vacation.

"Besides going to the spring game in Nebraska, I went to the Nike camp at TCU. The first week I get out of school I am going to visit family and will visit Kentucky and Louisville while we are up there. I may go by Stanford and Cal. I might also go to Alabama."

The Nebraska staff has been persistent in their pursuit of Burkhead. There is conversation between Burkhead and at least one of the Nebraska coaches once a week. Nebraska was there to see Burkhead today.

"Coach Tim Beck and Carl Pelini were at my practice today. I saw them there and I talk them every week whether it's Coach Beck or its Coach John Papuchis. I am definitely interested in Nebraska. They are up there with the top right now."

Don't look for a decision in the immediate future for Burkhead. There will be some narrowing of the list and then sometime before school starts he would like to come to a decision about where to go to school and play football.

"I would like to make a decision before the season starts. Really, so I could focus on my senior year and I would have a college that I would know I was going to. Talk to one coach that you are going to and not five or more a week."

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