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One of the top offensive linemen in the state of Texas is Joel Gray. Gray, a 6-foot-6 and 275-pound offensive tackle, is getting close to 20 offers heading into the close of his spring and the evaluation period. Shortly following the conclusion of those two things Gray will being to cut his list through some trips. Who will get a chance to host Gray this summer?

The spring evaluation period is closing as are most of the spring camps across Texas. Joel Gray and Lewisville (Texas) Hebron wrap up spring this Thursday with their spring game.

"We have tomorrow and Thursday and then it's over with," Gray said. "I am going to go full-go. I am going to go with the #1s and that is about it.

"I believe that I need to get the reps and when I am out there I will be full-go. I might only go 30 plays, but I will just go with the #1s."

Gray is stepping up into that leadership role, but has really served as one for over a year now. Gray is a returning starter, but finds himself guiding the younger players on the team this year.

"Well, I was a captain last season. I was the only captain as a junior. A lot of guys look up to me for guidance now since I will be a three year starter.

"We lost some guys and we are going to need some support from some younger players. They come to me for help and to understand. I enjoy that role."

When school wraps up, Gray is going to use the summer time to get out and see some schools. There is a short list of schools that he is interested in visiting this summer.

"I am definitely going to make some trips. I can't even tell you for sure, but I know that I am going to go out to Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Stanford.

"I am pretty sure that I will visit Nebraska, Kentucky and maybe Virginia. I may also visit Mississippi. I just want to get an understanding for some of those places."

Gray is nearing 20 offers and hasn't trimmed his list yet. This summer and the trips will really help him trim the list after getting a better idea of what some schools are about.

"I think that I am up to 19 offers. I will start to cut the list this summer. That will be part of the reason and why I am making trips this summer."

The summer timeframe is tight. There are some trips, some assembling of a list and then hopefully a commitment by Gray either before the season starts or right after the season starts.

"I plan on committing before my senior year or right at the beginning of my senior season. Coming up in the next few months is when I will have a good grasp on things."

One of the schools that will host Gray this summer is Nebraska. Gray's cousin was actually the lieutenant governor for Nebraska and has some family up in Nebraska.

"There is not really a date or anything. I have a really big family influence on the University of Nebraska. I feel some obligation to go and visit because I have heard so many good things about it.

"That is also a good place for lineman to go when it comes to producing professional offensive lineman. I am planning on going to visit Nebraska as well this summer."

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