Offensive Lineman adds another

Already coveted, already desired, Martin O'Donnell doesn't need to look around. Everyone is looking at him. Throughout the recruiting process though, your mind could change and amidst all the teams, you might find another that draws your interest. O'Donnell has and what is curious now is how it effects everyone else.

Martin O'Donnell- Downers Grove, IL (South)-(OL-6'5-290-5.2/40-25" vert) It's been a good month since I had last spoken with Martin. Not much has changed in the overall picture, and for a top 20 Olineman steady is a good characteristic to have.

Martin is a truly dominating lineman. Overpowering with the intention to literally block his defender into submission, if that is even possible. "I like just to go at them. I've got good size and good power, you have to be one heck of (defensive) lineman to get me to move backwards."

Martin's top 5 list can be considered yet another thing unchanged except for an addition. Iowa now makes it a race of six, joining Nebraska, Penn St., Stanford, Oregon, and Illinois.

The only truly "new" news that can be said of Martin is he has now confirmed two more visits. He had previously set up a visit to Illinois on Dec 6th, but along with that he now has officials set up to both Nebraska (Dec 13th) and Stanford Jan 10th. "I still don't know if I'll take any others, my family and I have been talking to some coaches to see if we can set up one or two more." It's a wait and see process at the moment.

Martin is being looked at offensive tackle by most colleges and it's easy to see why "Right now I have somewhere over 50 pancake blocks and have graded out my last two games with A's. My coach has been happy and were doing well. We're 11-0 going into the quarter finals this Friday."

And what is Martin looking at in a college? What may be a deciding factor? What could tip the scales? "Academics. It's #1 for me. There are other things as well. I definitely need to feel comfortable with the coaching staff and with the campus life in general."

Martin is fully qualified scoring a 28 on his ACT.

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