Other half of dynamic duo, also with NU offer

Even if there is no overhaul to the Husker offense, the fact remains that players leave and you have to find some pieces to put in their place. Abrecus Martinez is a player who certainly fits, but outside of his own ability, whoever gets him might get his four-star teammate as well.

I am sure "Dynamic Duo" has been used when describing Rayville High School standouts Abrecus Martinez and Kenny Bell. Both are wide receivers, and between the two of them they had over 100 catches last season, close to 1,800 yards and 24 trips into the end zone.

The two are even similar in size, Martinez going just over 6-2, weighing around 180 pounds, while Bell goes just over 6-1.

But ask Martinez about the comparisons made between them both, he'll tell you that Bell has a style that even he can't help but watch at times. "He's just got that speed. You watch him and he can go after the ball, but once he gets it, he just flies," Martinez said.

As for his own style, Martinez is a bit of a show all his own, as he doesn't have Bell 's wheels, running a reported 4.55/40, but he makes up for that in one equally valuable way. "I go after the ball. If the ball is close to me, I know it's mine and there's nothing that cornerback or whoever, can do to stop it," he said.

His consistent ability to make the improbable, possible, inspired a nickname all his own.

"They call him Abracadabra because he made some catches that were unreal," said Rayville head coach Bo Barton. "He looks like Randy Moss out there with some of his grabs. He is long and lean, and can just do it all."

Sporting a vertical which is so extreme, Barton said that he's hit the bottom of a basketball rim with his head, if you want playmaking ability from simply the ball-catching aspect, he's got it.

He's got the offers as well.

Because of the close bond between himself and Bell , many of the schools who have offered Kenny have also offered Abrecus.

One of those is Nebraska.

Being a Louisiana kid Abrecus doesn't know much about the Huskers, but he's gotten to know one of their new coaches fairly well. "Coach J.P. coached is in the Tiger Bowl at the LSU Summer camp," Martinez said of defensive ends coach John Papuchis. "He's a really funny guy and I got a long with him really well."

Bell had said in a previous update Big Red Report did with him, that he was planning on taking a number of visits, whether it was a one-day camp or simply to check a place out. Martinez said that he expects to be with Bell during that tour around the southern and Midwestern regions of the country.

And like Bell , Martinez takes the mind-set that even though he's getting a ton of LSU interest, staying in-state hasn't always been his dream. "Honestly, I want to get out and see something different. I have been here my whole life and I wouldn't mind just meeting new people and seeing something new for a change," he said.

Bell's potential one-day camp at Nebraska could take place as early as June 5th, but nothing official hasn't been done regarding that as of yet. However, Bell and Martinez share one date or at least, timeframe, which is almost set in stone in that neither wants to wait very long to make their decision. "I want to get it out of the way before the season begins. I want to focus on my team and just work on us doing better this year," he said.

As for the Huskers and any other team for that matter, Martinez said there isn't a favorite right now amongst the bunch. "I'm keeping it open right now, because I haven't seen these places and I need to see everything first before I know what I need to know," he said. "The school, coaches, players and campus – I need to know how all that is before I can figure out how it fits me."

That's a question he can't answer now, but there's no question about his ability or the confidence in that ability to make plays. He thinks about every time he approaches the line and while the next level will obviously be much tougher, he figures a few things will stay the same. "I'll be able to see it in their eyes at the line whether they're scared to face me or not," he said. "I can get up to the line now and look at the guy and I know. I know if he's scared and most of them are. They know what they are about to get."

We'll keep tracking Martinez and Bell , and as soon as we have a concrete date for their potential camp-visit to the Huskers, Big Red Report will let you know.

Martinez reports that approximately six schools have offered him, including Nebraska , Tulsa , Alabama and Ole Miss.

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