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Coming off of a visit to Arizona, this linebacker from Texas was still on the road coming home. It's home for a day and gone tomorrow though as they are set to embark on yet another trip. This one north. North to Nebraska for this player and his coach again to see Lincoln and the Huskers. How did he like the trip to Arizona and what is he looking forward to seeing in Lincoln?

At 6-foot-1 and 195, Cordarius Golston covers a lot of ground at his linebacker position for Lancaster (Texas). His head coach, Andrew Jackson, said that a couple of offers have already come through for Golston.

"Cordarius has a couple of offers," Head Coach Andrew Jackson said. "He picked offers from Arizona and Nebraska. He got both about two to three weeks ago."

Coach Jackson said that Golston plays the outside linebacker position and that from that position he brings to the table speed and lots of it.

"He's an outside linebacker. He has speed. He can cover some ground. He is more of a WILL than he is a SAM. He can go sideline to sideline."

Golston will be a three year starter for Lancaster and Coach Jackson. He has picked up honors both years since he has been a starter.

"He has started since his sophomore year. He was second team all-district as a sophomore. He was a first team all-district selection as a junior."

The trips have started for Golston who went to Arizona yesterday. Coming home tonight, Golston and his coach are heading out again on Wednesday for Nebraska.

"He went to Arizona yesterday. He's going to Nebraska on Wednesday. We will hit both trips this week for Golston. We are coming home from Arizona right now."

Golston said that the time in Arizona was worth it. He was impressed by the coaches and the facilities and gave the visit a high mark.

"The trip was great. They have a really nice coaching staff and they have really nice facilities. I would rate the visit either a "9" or a "10"."

Since Golston has been on a trip before heading to Nebraska, he is focused on meeting the staff in Lincoln and seeing if he can fit in there.

"Meeting the coaching staff and just seeing the town. I want to see if I fit in or see if it's an environment that I can see myself in for the next four or five years."

Golston takes off on Wednesday morning and comes back on Friday. "We are leaving Wednesday morning. I am going up for just one day and come back on Friday."

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