Visitor on campus tomorrow?

On Sunday, it was Jeremiah Sirles that snuck in and saw Lincoln. Tonight, there is an offensive lineman hanging out in Omaha with some family friends that will make his way to Lincoln tomorrow. This lineman has been on a tour already and Nebraska might be the end of the line because of a lack of some gas in the tank. Who is this lineman?

Denton (Texas) Guyer offensive lineman, Jesse Coffey, will be in Lincoln tomorrow. The 6-foot-7 and 260-pound offensive lineman is in the state right now.

"I am in Omaha," Coffey said. "I just got done at Kansas today so we drove up to Omaha. We have some friends in Omaha. Some old friends. I have known them since I was born."

The visit will start tomorrow morning for Coffey. He is hoping to get a good look at the academics and get to know the coaches at Nebraska a little better.

"I will be on campus tomorrow. I think that I will be there about 9:00. I am just trying to check out the academics mostly and get to know the coaches better. I have only talked to the offensive line coach once since they started recruiting me."

Before Nebraska, Coffey was in Lawrence. He was just supposed to be there a day and not participate in camp. However, he did decide to get out there and move a little bit.

"The visit to Kansas went great. I really like the coaches there. The offensive line coach is a great guy. I did the camp there the second half of it. I wasn't going to, but I ended up doing it.

"I went to the camp at Texas A&M on Saturday, drove the next day to Oklahoma State and then drove to Kansas. We go there at 1:00 in the morning. I didn't think that I would be awake enough and turns out I was right.

"I did really well technique-wise, but I didn't do so great in one on one's. The line coach said he understood. He said that he saw great things in how I moved and in my technique."

After Nebraska, there might be one more trip or it could be back to home base for a little while. The last trip is a school that isn't too far away from Coffey to make on an individual basis if he has to.

"We are going to stay in Omaha and visit our friends through Wednesday. I was thinking about going to Arkansas on Thursday, but I called the coach there and they are ending one camp and starting another.

"I am probably going to save that visit for another time. It's been a long trip so far and that visit is pretty close to my home. It's going to be pretty hectic there on Thursday."

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