Walker impressed with Summer camp experience

Check out one of our latest Summer camp updates as we talk to one half of a brother combination out of the Bayou State. Jarvis Walker, recruited to play safety, already has some offers in hand. But as most kids are wont to do, he's seeing if he can get some more. Following his camp at Nebraska, Jarvis talked about the experience and made no bones about where Nebraska is sitting with him right now.

Before a kid makes the trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, the thoughts of what you are going to see vary.

Usually Cornfields come in there somewhere.

Archbishop Rummel (Matairie, LA) safety prospect Jarvis Walker couldn't disagree. "We were flying over Nebraska and all I saw was grass. I was sure there were going to be cornfields right by the stadium," he said with a chuckle.

There weren't, of course, and once Walker saw the town and the school, his mind about the program changed completely. "I was expecting just some college town, but the town was great, the people were great and the facilities were something else," he said.

Down to business, though, and camps are that when you are a young man trying to get the attention of programs around the country, Jarvis thought he did well, but was glad to see that this Summer camp wasn't a camp-like experience. "It was tough, but that's good, because how they were with us is how they are with the guys already on the team," he said. "I like that, because you can see what they are like."

As to his performance in drills, one-on-one and the like, Jonathan said things went pretty good. "I ran like a 4.5 in the 40 and I think I had a 4.6 in the agility. I didn't do the vertical though," he said. "And I think I did well in the one-on-ones."

With offers already from Tulsa, Kentucky, Northern Illinois and Louisiana Tech, Walker is obviously not in dire straits to get an offer from anyone else. But after experiencing the town of Lincoln, the camp and the coaches, he wouldn't mind if they did. "To tell you the truth, I'd like to end up in Lincoln, but they would obviously have to offer," he said. "But there was no negative about the entire experience. I loved it and so did my brother."

Jarvis expects to take in camps or unofficial visits to the other schools which have offered, and potentially Auburn as well.

We'll touch base with his brother, Myron, who is being recruited to play defensive line at the next level.

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