Pensick with nothing to prove, still does

There's nothing to prove for a future Husker. He's got the offer and he's got the future already laid out. But for defensive tackle Cole Pensick, it's a chance to get to know his future coaches and, who doesn't like another chance to smack helmets with some of the better kids around the state and country?

You're "N" and set to be a Husker.

Why do you need to go to the first session of the Summer camp at all? You have nothing to prove. Some might even say that there are only negatives about even taking part. You might not do very well or worse, you might actually get injured.

Don't even tell Cole Pensick that, because the 6-1 mauler isn't thinking about what could be. He's only thinking about what is, and what this is, is football.

"I still want to show the coaches that they made the right choice and I want to get an idea about the kind of techniques the teach, but this kind of thing is just fun, because you get to do something you love and the one-on-ones are where the real fun is at," Pensick said.

Don't tell Hastings St. Cecelia offensive lineman Matt Sterup that. He did well, but as he noted in our story with the offensive tackle prospect, then he got to face his friend and future Husker, Pensick. Sterup described the experience as a little frustrating, because there's a slight size difference, Sterup standing aright around 6 foot, 6 inches tall.

They say size doesn't matter? If you aren't completely adept at how to use that size, especially on the line, it matters very much. "I'm not the tallest guy, but that works in my favor when facing bigger guys who have problems getting low out of the blocks," Pensick said. "You have to have a great base, stay low and just drive these guys and use leverage to move them around."

Pensick's ability is obvious. He is, after all, a future Husker with an offer in hand. But he tested out just like everyone else. He went through the drills just like everyone else and more importantly, he got a head start on getting a feeling for his future coaches. "That's a big thing, because there are a lot of things with technique which they are going to teach you that you probably don't already know," Cole said. "And you get a feel for the coaches, how they do things, what they are like and all that.

"I feel a lot more prepared now for the future, because I will have a pretty clear direction on what I am going to work on throughout the summer and going into next season."

In regard to his performance, Pensick said he ran a 4.95/40, a 4.77 in the agility and posted an eight-foot mark in the standing broad jump.

That's not bad, but as any player will tell you no matter how good he does, Pensick is only looking to get better. "You can always get better. You are never going to be perfect," he said. "Every time you do something like this, it's a chance to get better.

"Whether it's being more exact with my footwork, my hands or whatever, there are so many little things which you can do better than you've been doing them. That's another reason camps like this are so great."

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