One Crazy Summer

The summer time is about taking it easy, but it's also about getting things done. Right now, Nathan Scheelhaase is getting things done. He was on visit number three of his tour yesterday and today which had him in Lincoln. The Cornhuskers have been fortunate enough to host Scheelhaase multiple times and it was another chance to get acquainted.

Nathan Scheelhaase was in Lincoln for the fourth time yesterday and today. The Cornhuskers were fortunate enough to get a good look at Scheelhaase as a quarterback.

"I wanted to get more familiar with the new staff," Scheelhaase said. "I really wanted to hang out with Coach Shawn Watson some more. I worked out and he gave me some good tips at becoming a better quarterback."

Scheelhaase found it hard to rate the visit to Lincoln, because he was there for so many other things and a short time, but did go on to say that the visit to Nebraska went well.

"I don't as far as rating, but I know it was a good visit. It was good to sit down with Coach Bo Pelini. I got to sit down with him at the end for a little while. I talked to Coach Watson over about an hour or so. Just talking."

The trip to Nebraska was visit number three for Scheelhaase on a long and busy summer tour.

"I have a pretty crazy summer planned. That was visit number three. I have Kansas at the end of this week. Starting next week I fly to Colorado on Monday morning. I leave Wednesday morning for Iowa.

"Thursday I head to Illinois. I get back home for part of the weekend and then I head out to Stanford on that Monday, I think. After I get back home I think that I leave again on Friday to head out to South Florida."

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