Camp is done, Gabe Lynn talks about NU

If you are a Husker fan, you want cornerback Gabe Lynn. You want him, because he is one of the best players in the country, but also because he's got a brother on the team. Some say that gives Nebraska the edge and some say it doesn't matter. For Gabe he talked about just what does matter, and how much this one-day camp did for his opinion of the Huskers and what that means down the road.

The one-day camp isn't anything where you are going to learn a whole lot more than you knew going in. Yeah, there will be things, but it's a one-day camp and coaches, regardless of how able they might be, ca only get so much done, especially with some 400 other kids to coach as well.

That wasn't the reason for the camp though. Sure, for Jenks High School superstar Gabe Lynn, you can never know a enough or learn enough to play your position well. But this was more about chemistry.

At this point there isn't much about the Husker program Lynn doesn't know, his older brother and junior linebacker to be, Phillip Dillard, having either showed him and told him about almost everything. But even Dillard himself can't say for sure just what this new group of coaches will be like during the regular season, because he honestly doesn't know.

But from what Gabe can see on his face along with the other players on the team, everything up to this point has been pretty nice. "He walks around with a smile on his face. All the players we see, they have a smile on their face, and I don't know if Phil even smiled once the last few years," he said. "You can just see it on all their faces."

Hearing about it is one thing. Seeing it is another. What Lynn wanted was to experience it himself. He had heard a lot about secondary coach Marvin Sanders, from his time at North Carolina to before that when he was with the Huskers for that one year when Bo Pelini was the D.C. This camp was a chance to get a real feel for the guy, what he was like and give him an idea of just what kind of relationship there could be with the Husker assistant coach.

The verdict?

"I like him a lot. He's a great guy, but he can get serious and he really looks like he knows what he's doing," Lynn said. "It seems like it's that way with all of them. They like to have fun, joke around, but when it's time to get down to business, they don't mess around."

The feeling with Sanders and the Husker head coach wasn't exclusive to those two, Lynn saying that with the players now and from what he saw this Spring, he sees something which for all of his older brother's time with the program before today, he doesn't recall even seeing once.

"They are excited. They play with energy. They get up and excited to play. Before this staff the team was lax, didn't look like they even cared and that made them weak," he said. "Attitude is everything when it comes to playing great football, and you can't just know how to play. You have to really bring a lot of energy to the table or what happened to Nebraska last year will happen to you."

When Bo Pelini took over the defensive coordinator duties in 2003 he took over a team which ranked in the mid-50s in overall defense in 2002. That one fateful year Pelini had them skyrocket into the top 11. A pass defense which was getting lit up the previous year by opponents, became the number one pass efficiency defense in the entire country. That turned a struggling team into a team which would finish 10-3 on the season.

That's a hell of a comeback and people would say that you shouldn't expect anything as dramatic this time around, because the team was arguably worse last year than they were when Pelini took over as D.C. Lynn isn't necessarily on that side of the fence. "I think they can do it. Honestly, I think they have to get better at what they are doing (defensively), because they can't get a lot worse," he said. "They don't have a lot of depth in the secondary, but the great thing about this staff is that they don't play favorites. If you are good, you will play.

"Anthony West, a guy I don't think anyone really knows about, I think he's maybe the best cornerback they have on this team," Lynn continued, talking about the junior CB who has yet to start for the big red. "With this staff he's going to get the opportunity to show what he could do and I don't know if you could say that before. He's going to be good. He's going to be really good for them."

Lynn is happy, but not because it cements Nebraska as a potential team for him. He's happy, because his brother is happy right now. After the last few years Lynn hasn't seen much of that and he's enjoying seeing it now. But he knows that the coaches, their style and especially, the way Bo Pelini orchestrates a defense, has a little to do with that.

"I think he's a genius. I talked to coach for awhile and he talked about how they change everything up from one week to the next on defense," Lynn said of Pelini. "He said that they don't do the same thing week-to-week. It's kind of crazy out there, because you don't know what to expect, but that's what I like, because the offense can't just expect you to do this or that. It keeps them on their heels."

Putting this all in perspective, Lynn said that the familiarity with Nebraska certainly helps, but the recruiting situation for him has become more complicated than he hoped it would be. All the offers, all the teams and seasons yet to be played, Lynn thinks that the idea he might be able to commit before his final season at Jenks, is becoming a little less realistic. "I was hoping to, but I really want to see how some of these schools do during their season. I want to see how much some teams have improved or how consistent others seem to be," he said. "That's going to make it pretty hard to make an early decision, unless something really drastic happens.

"This one might take a little longer than I thought it would."

For the remainder of the intinerary, Lynn said that he's got North Carolina later this month and then a July unofficial to LSU. After that he doesn't have any idea. It will be football practice again soon, though, as Lynn and his team look to defend yet another state title.

This process has been a learning experience, but the more Lynn knows, the more he's grown to appreciate just how much more there is to learn. "The hard part is, the more you know about these coaches, the more you realize just how good they all are and how hard this decisions is going to be when I decide to finally make it," he said. "But it's great having these choices in front of me and so many good schools to pick from.

"As for Nebraska, I like what they are doing. I like seeing Phil getting excited about football again. I can't wait to see him and this team play this year. I think they will surprise a lot of people."

Lynn said that as of right now, he has no favorites.

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