Nebraska makes impression on Golston

Nebraska was playing host to quite a group from Lancaster (Texas). One of the key players in that group was Cordarius Golston, who is holding an offer from Nebraska. Golston and his teammates were going to Nebraska to get a closer look at get to know the coaches. One of the players fro Lancaster that was scheduled to go didn't make it. Who was that player and what did Golston think of Lincoln?

It's been a long week for Cordarius Golston. The 6-foot-1 and 195-pound linebacker from Lancaster (Texas) first went to Arizona earlier in the week and then headed north to see Nebraska. He is at home now after camp in Lincoln.

"We made it back in at about 4:00 in the morning," Golston said. "We drove all night, basically. I am still waking up. I am a little tired."

Other than the aftereffects of being on the road all night, Golston had some positive things to say about Nebraska and the time that he spent there.

"The visit and the camp were great. The campus and the facilities were very, very nice. The are all very good coaches. I know who Bo Pelini is and wanted to play for him at LSU."

Golston is originally from Louisiana and spent most of his life there. Growing up, he was an LSU fan and really became a fan of the attacking style of defense that Bo Pelini had while he was at LSU.

"When we were doing our individual drills we would come over and watch me. He would individually coach me. Then he would work with me with the linebacker coach. He was always analyzing everyone himself. He just doesn't act like an assistant coach. He's very down to Earth."

With the Nebraska trip behind Golston he can now compare the two trips that he took this week to one another. Both of the schools that he visited have offered him.

"Nebraska's facilities and the whole thing beat Arizona. Arizona though has more things going on in the town. I like both of the schools."

The Huskers were supposed to host four players from Lancaster, but one was unable to go. Golston wasn't sure why Demontrae Hurst couldn't go to Nebraska this week, but Joshua Hunt and Andrew Gilbert still both went.

"I know that Anthony and Josh really liked Nebraska. Bo told me that he was going to review Anthony and Josh himself. They don't have offers yet. Demontrae and I are the only ones from Lancaster that have Nebraska offers."

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