Trying to earn an offer from the big red

There was no question North Dakota prep-lineman Brent Qvale had the size. At close to 6-7 and 300 lbs., he was a monster down on the line. But did he have the moves? Did he have the speed? Did he have enough to really get Nebraska 's attention? Following his one-day camp at Nebraska , Qvale let us know.

You have an offer.

Pretty simple thing to say, but for any kid who is trying to play football at the collegiate level, it never gets old hearing it. North Dakota prep-lineman Brent Qvale has heard that four times thus far, the senior-to-be with offers from Montana , Montana State, North Dakota and North Dakota State .

Now he can add another.

" Nebraska offered me after my camp. It was kind of funny, because they can't offer me on campus after the camp, so they told me to go off campus, come back and I kind of knew I was going to get an offer then," he said. "So, I walked off campus, which meant I was officially done, walked back on campus and talked to coach (Bo) Pelini. That's when they offered me the scholarship."

Kind of the scenic route to getting an offer, but rules are rules, as they say. But the minor inconvenience wasn't a thing to Qvale, because he did exactly what he wanted to do. "Well yeah, that's why I went there – to show them what I could do and show them I could play at that level," he said.

Qvale obviously wanted to impress the head coach as they are the final call on whether or not he gets an offer. But just as important was getting to know his potential position coach for the big red. To that end, Qvale felt that offensive line coach Barney Cotton was the type of coach who was a mild-mannered type, but knew when and how to turn the coaching-switch on. "He's a laid back guy, but when it comes time to coach, he's getting after you so you are doing things right. He's a really good coach," Brent said. "That's what you want in a coach. You want someone you can talk to, but someone you know they know what they are doing."

With this camp now done, Brent looks to Iowa , Iowa State and Wisconsin , the three remaining schools on his schedule of camps he'll attend. He knows he'll see a lot more and get to a feel for other coaches just like he did in Lincoln . For right now, though, Nebraska made an impression, and he said that when it came to the big red, there really wasn't a downside he could see. "The coaches are great, the facilities are great and just everything about the place is great. I don't really see a negative about anything I saw," he said. "So, right now anyway, I'd say Nebraska is at the top, but I still have to see how the rest of these trips go.

"It was great getting an offer from Nebraska , though. It's a big tradition of football there and it means something to get an offer from them. It gets you excited about the future."

Qvale said that after his camp visits he hopes to be close to a decision, but can't say right now, of course, just how that will all play out.

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