Gets his 13th offer

The camp for the second session at Nebraska was lower on numbers than the first, but not lower on talent. In fact, the only two, known offers to come out of the camps so far were extended to players in the second session. The second offer went to this pass-rushing defensive end.

Nebraska hosted Kevin Young from Olathe (Ks.) North all day on Thursday. The 6-foot-4 and 231-pound defensive end took a tour of the campus and facilities the day before that.

"We got to Lincoln on Wednesday," Young said. "We headed over the facilities and Coach Shawn Watson had a guide there for us to give us a tour.

"I was very impressed with the academic side at Nebraska. I was also impressed with Dennis LeBlanc who runs that academic center. He's straight with you. I have never seen that before on my other trips, ever."

The academic facility and faculty wasn't the only part of the tour that Young came away impressed with. In fact, he wasn't prepared to see what he saw in Lincoln.

"When you head up there to Lincoln you really don't know what to expect. The facilities are really breath taking. You have to see how big and sprawling they are.

"You get up there to Nebraska and then you realize where you are and then you hear those names. The names of Tom Osborne and you see the national championship trophies. I was blown away. I couldn't have prepared for all of it."

The question is did Young get an offer? An NCAA rule strictly prohibits offering a player while at camp. So, after Young checked out of camp and got off campus, what happened?

"Yes sir, they offered me. We had checked out of camp and went down the street to get something to drink. Coach Shawn Watson called me and told me and my family to come back.

"We went to Coach Bo Pelini's office. All the coaches were in there except one, I think, and it was Barney Cotton. He told me that they were going to offer me months ago, but wanted to see me in person.

"He explained to me their evaluation process and that they knew I was coming to camp. I knew that he was being honest because the offer in writing was sitting on his desk.

"My family and I stayed up there for another 45 minutes. It could have gone longer. We really like this staff from Bo Pelini to his brother, Carl Pelini, to the defensive end position coach John Papuchis."

Getting that offer from Nebraska is all fine and good. What it does for Young is a little more difficult. It throws a wrench into what might have been before a little simpler of a decision or process.

"I am torn. I am struggling now with the in-state school (Kansas) and Nebraska. I need to take a step back, go to a practice and a game at each school before deciding. Both schools are right up there with me."

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