Koehlmoos trying to get Huskers' attention

For Pierce High School standout Eric Koehlmoos, the Husker Summer camp was an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game and show this new group of coaches what he could do. That's what he's been doing, starting with Kansas this last week and it will continue from this point forward. But about Nebraska, did it go the way he wanted it to and do what he felt he needed to do?

You'd be a robot if you said that there wasn't any pressure when it comes to one of these Summer camps. You could say that for more than 90 percent of the kids that go there, but there are a select few who have realistically bigger things on their mind than just learning a few things here and there.

Coming off a state-championship season, where Eric Koehlmoos helped his team to an undefeated record, totaling eight interceptions on defense with close to 50 tackles and over 1,300 yards rushing the ball, there's a bit of confidence he has in what he can do and rightfully so.

But it's still never enough to make you feel going into one of these camps that everything is going to go just perfectly. You believe in your ability, but until that first offer comes, the early going can be a little tense. "Yeah, I was probably a little tense to begin with, because you just want to do everything perfect. But I settled down pretty quickly and I think I did well overall," Eric Said.

Working out at he safety position, Koehlmoos' 6 foot, 190 pound frame is ideal. And with reported 4.5/40 speed, a prospect becomes a legit weapon on "D." Along with various techniques which he learned throughout the camp at Nebraska, Koehlmoos said that the feedback he was getting was positive. "They kept telling me that I was doing a good job, talking to me about some little things and just talking to me throughout the whole camp," he said. "It was great learning from them and working with them, because they all have such an energy for the game."

The energy is one thing, but much of that could come from the fact that from an age-standpoint, this current make up of Husker coaches could be the youngest staff this program has had since Osborne took the reigns in 1973. That could very well mean that this group could identify and relate more to the younger generation, giving them this connection with kids, which some coaches might not be able to attain as easily. Koehlmoos thinks that might be the case. "Well, they just joke around with you and are really personable, but they are great coaches, too," he said. "And I do think that so many of them being younger guys makes it easier for them to talk to players.

"I love this staff and just how they do everything. It just seems like a great bunch of guys."

Working from the safety position, Koehlmoos found himself working as much in pass coverage as he did in supporting the run, on certain drills. But even as he was almost completely locked into what he himself was doing, he couldn't help but notice a fellow in-stater on the other side. "I know Tyrone Sellers had a good camp. They were working him out at tight end and he was giving everyone a really tough time," Eric said of the McCook High School standout. "He was just really hard for anyone to cover."

But back to his own progress and how he did, Koehlmoos was typical in that there were things he liked, but many things he thought he could work on with what is left of this so-called off-season. "It's all about getting bigger, stronger and faster, and just figuring out what you do well and working on the other things to just become a more complete player," he said.

The camps don't stop yet for Koehlmoos as he expects to visit Iowa State perhaps next month and he's working on rescheduling an Iowa camp, which has been postponed due to parts of the campus being closed down to the flooding problems in Iowa City. This is a problem which has plagued almost the entire state, following a year which even not halfway through, has yielded record setting amounts of rainfall.

For Koehlmoos, though, with the Nebraska camp now part of the past and his recruiting still very much part of his future, he's thinking about where he stands right now. "I think I did pretty well. I think I proved that I could play the position and I am only going to get better," he said. "I like how I did in the drills and I know what I have to do in the off-season.

"I'm looking forward to my last season, because we obviously have really high expectations and I can't wait to help my team try and do it all over again. I'll just look at the recruiting situation along the way and see how everything goes."

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