Oklahoma makes an impression on Lechner

The recruiting process often gets overlooked when it comes to simply the pressure to make the right decision. Creight Prep's John Lechner is feeling that a little bit right now. He's got some solid choices, but the last few days have been about exploring potentially another – this one at the University of Oklahoma.

With offers already from Iowa State, Wisconsin and Nebraska, Creighton Prep's John Lechner really isn't under any pressure when it comes to proving he can play at the next level. He's done that. But there's nothing wrong with proving it a little more.

The latest stop for Lechner on his camp-run was in Norman as he got a chance to work with coaches at the University of Oklahoma. Some things he expected, especially when it came to what he knew and what he knew he had to work on in the future. "Well, at Prep we throw it like once a month, so my run-blocking is good, but the pass-blocking isn't really something I have worked on a whole lot," he said. "And I keep picking things up when it comes to that, and I learned a few more things at OU."

Amongst those things and certainly one of the most valuable aspects, was simply getting to know the coaches. And there will obviously be no coach which will be more significant in his time at any school than the one coaching his position. To that end, Lechner was pleased with what he saw and experienced as he got to know OU's offensive line coach James Patton. "He was a great guy. I got along really well with him and he's obviously a very good coach," John said.

It's been well-documented recently that while Lechner is indeed a Nebraska kid, he didn't grow up necessarily living, breathing and dying the big red. But it's Nebraska, of course, and Lechner took time after the OU camp to stop by Lincoln for a day. "It was good. I had a chance to talk with coach (Barney) Cotton and just see how they did things at the camp," he said. "It was a lot of stuff I already knew, but it was nice to stop by there again."

Also well known is the affection he has had for the Wisconsin program, a team which has offered, of course, but a team which has made a profound impression on him. "If Oklahoma offered, they might be number two, but Wisconsin would obviously still be number one. I have just developed a great relationship with the coaches there and like everything I have learned about them," he said.

What's missing for Lechner is something he desperately wants and is going to try and make happen over the Summer, if possible. "I want to visit Wisconsin badly. It's just a matter of making sure we can afford to get up there, because it's just tough right now," he said. "But I want to get up there and just see everything for myself."

You don't have to think about it too long when you wonder at just where Lechner wants to be, at least as of right now. The unofficial he wants to take to Wisconsin is as much a visit of confirmation as it is learning. It's that feeling every recruit wants when they visit a place, which tells them that this is the place to be. Lechner wouldn't mind that if he does get up there for a trip, he gets just that. "Yeah, I mean, that's what I want. I think that's what everyone wants to feel," he said. "It's just knowing from seeing it, getting to know the coaches better and everything else, you just know that's where you should go.

"But I don't, not yet. So, I can't make any sort of decision. I just have to see how everything goes."

Lechner is one of the top rated players in the state of Nebraska, but he could become the second in-state offensive lineman in as many years, who had a Nebraska offer, only to commit to another school. The last was Eklhorn, Nebraska's Trevor Robinson, who turned down the Huskers last year as he opted to spend his future at Notre Dame.

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