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The opportunity to get up to Lincoln was just too much. When the chance to go to camp in Lincoln came up the only thing holding him back was a bum ankle. Bum ankle and all, Wil Richards from Lee's Summit (Mo.) Lee's Summit West, made it to Lincoln and competed. The ankle didn't last long, but he got a chance to see Lincoln and meet Bo Pelini and that was enough.

To just get a chance to show his interest and enthusiasm about Nebraska, Wil Richards made the trip to Nebraska to camp on a bum ankle. The 5-10 and 177-pound Richards from Lee's Summit (Mo.) Lee's Summit West made it pretty far before it went out.

"Yeah, I made it to Lincoln for camp," Richards said. "I got through some back-pedaling and some break drills. Then we started doing some hitting drills and I rolled my ankle again. I had to sit out and ice it the rest of the time."

Some might have chosen not to go to Lincoln to camp because they were hurt. For Richards, there wasn't even a choice in the matter. He wanted to get on Nebraska's radar and said that he was happy with his decision.

"It was best to go and show my interest in the school and the program. It was good to get that chance to compete. I think that was what the coaches at Nebraska would have wanted me to do."

While there was a chance to get out and do some drills before injury, Richards feels like the best part of the week was getting a chance to interact with the coaches that are there at Nebraska.

"I got a chance to meet Coaches Bo Pelini and Marvin Sanders. Coach Bo Pelini is awesome. He's really a nice guy. He said that he knew who I was and said that he had seen my tape before.

"I didn't get a chance to talk to Coach Marvin Sanders, sit down, like Pelini. We talked a lot through drills. He would come over and ask where I was from and asked who offered me and how recruiting was going."

In the end, Richards left with another setback to an already bad ankle. With a chance to be a week closer to healthy or a chance to go to Nebraska and meet the coaches, Richards is happy with his decision.

"Making the trip was worth it just to meet Bo Pelini. He's such a great guy. It was really worth it to me."

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